Call of Duty Warzone season one release in December brought a host of new weapons from the latest COD title, Call of Duty: Cold War While some of these weapons have failed to make their mark on the Warzone meta, other Cold War weapons proved quite capable in the second half of the season 1.

As the second season approaches, Several Cold War weapons are currently positioned to take over the Warzone meta Here are the three Cold War weapons that should absolutely dominate in Warzone season 2!

DMR 14 dominated the first half of Warzone's first season, but since its last nerf in january, The Cold War M16 has become arguably the best weapon in the game. If you're looking for a shattered weapon that can deal lethal damage at all ranges, the M16 is a good bet

With its 50 maximum damage that falls to 40 ranged damage, you can take down an unarmed opponent in a single burst with this pistol within 21 meters. An armored opponent will only take two bursts at close range, assuming you hit every hit

However, you probably won't want to get that close to your enemies with this weapon There is about a quarter of a second delay between each burst This delay does not matter at medium and long range However, this delay severely limits the ability of this weapon to win close range conflicts when using the M16, if you miss shots at close range, you will probably lose the shooting

What makes the M16 such a dominant force in Warzone, it’s its ability to consistently win medium and long term engagements The M16 has very little recoil between shots, ce qui permet d’atterrir assez facilement des rafales consécutives sur une cible à longue portée Il y a un peu d’influence sur l’arme, mais si vous utilisez une lunette grossissante 2x ou 3x, le recul visuel devient moins un facteur

Quand il s’agit de sélectionner des pièces jointes pour le M16, vous devriez commencer par le suppresseur d’agence, qui aidera à garder votre emplacement caché des ennemis. Vous pouvez ajouter le 20Baril de 5 pouces pour gagner 50% de vitesse de balle, ce qui compensera la réduction de 30% de votre suppresseur Le canon de la force opérationnelle augmente également vos dégâts à distance de 50%, ce qui est une amélioration significative.

The rest of the attachments will simply depend on your personal preferences, so don't be afraid to experiment with different attachments and playstyles with this weapon

If you are looking for a weapon that can shred at close range, the Cold War FFAR is a great option Although the FFAR is technically a bullpup assault rifle, it works much more like an SMG when it comes to its range and performance. This weapon is ideal for anyone who prefers a racing and firearm style of play, or those just looking for a sturdy, close-range weapon to lean on

The FFAR has a high rate of fire of 909 tr / min et un niveau de recul très gérable qui se déclenche dans une direction verticale prévisible Étant donné que cette arme atteint un maximum de 33 dégâts par tir, vous pouvez théoriquement abattre un ennemi en 2 seconds, et peut abattre un adversaire entièrement blindé en moins d’une demi-seconde Le FFAR a donc l’un des temps les plus rapides pour tuer dans le jeu à courte distance Lorsque ce temps de mise à mort rapide est combiné avec un temps ADS quasi instantané de 25 seconds, ce pistolet devient une machine à tuer instantané à courte portée

En ce qui concerne les meilleurs accessoires d’armes pour le FFAR, it should be equipped with the agency suppressor to stay out of the minimap Reinforced barrel is a good gun option as it will increase the range of the weapon by approximately 30% and his ball speed of about 50%

Finally, the Fast Mag 50 shots is also a must, since the biggest drawback of the FFAR is its low standard magazine capacity of 25 cartridges

After a decade of absence from COD titles, le Stoner 63 returns to COD with the release of Cold War LMGs aren't the best option for fast run-and-gun style players But for those who prefer to take a slower, more strategic approach to Warzone, The Stoner is one of the most reliable medium to long range weapons in the game, with one of the fastest times to kill.

This weapon had a base damage of 42 from close, which then fell to 32 ranged damage. This means that this weapon can kill unarmed enemies with three nearshots and four long-range shots It has a fire rate of 722 tr / min, which is the fastest in the LMG class The resulting time to kill an unarmed enemy is less than a quarter of a second at close range, which means this weapon kills faster than some up close SMGs.

Though its time to kill is awesome, the best part of the Stoner 63 est son faible niveau de recul.Son motif de recul monte et très légèrement vers la droite Une fois que vous aurez maîtrisé ce modèle très facile et prévisible, vous seriez surpris de voir à quel point ce pistolet est mortel, même à longue portée.

Le plus gros inconvénient du Stoner 63 est son encombrement En raison de sa taille, cette arme vous ralentira si vous courez avec elle, elle a une longue recharge et elle présente un temps de visée assez lent. Mais en échange de ces inconvénients, le Stoner 63 vous offre l’un des temps les plus rapides pour tuer dans le jeu et l’un des écarts de recul les plus contrôlables disponibles.

Comme pour les autres armes de cette liste, you need to run the agency suppressor on the Stoner 63 The 12th cannon 8 “Task Force is a good choice of gun as it increases both the range damage and bullet speed of this weapon by 100% each, with only minor drawbacks to your ammo capacity

The Bruise Grip is an important accessory for this weapon as it will increase your movement, your sprint and movement speed. You should also consider the Airborn Elastic Wrap, which offers a bonus of 30 $ at your time ADS These two attachments combine to help alleviate the lack of mobility of this weapon, which makes it a more viable weapon in quick duels.

Finally, the Fast Mag is a great addition for this pistol It has no drawbacks and offers a direct buff of 25% at your reload speed

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Call of Duty Warzone season one release in December brought a host of new weapons from the latest COD title, Call of Duty: Cold War While some of these weapons have failed to make their mark

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