If you use WhatsApp Business QR codes, you will make your company or business better known and you will also provide a very fast and easy way of communication, what many people are undoubtedly looking for today

Although many people think they are unnecessary, QR codes have become more popular and are currently used everywhere, like to see a restaurant menu, download an app or even invite someone to a WhatsApp group

Moreover, best of all is that for many entrepreneurs, they are very useful, for example, WhatsApp Business has a very simple option to further streamline communication with customers through the same QR codes, with which you can add a contact directly on the mobile device

If you still do not offer your customers this means of communication and also of purchase, know that in WhatsApp Business you can sell your products, and without a doubt you are losing a good growth option

The steps to create a QR code of your business with WhatsApp Business are as follows:

Another thing you can do is print it out for display in your business for customers to read on their cell phones..

You can also include it in the company's social networks or paste it in the packaging of the products and thus you will offer a first class service for your company or business., since you will offer a very fast and simple means of communication

On another side, There are several reasons why we sometimes read our contacts' messages without having to open WhatsApp and not appear online

For this reason, we leave you below the following tip so that you know what to do in these cases, however be aware that this only works with a cell phone with the Android operating system

The first thing to do is go to the main screen of the device and press for a few seconds until the cell phone vibrates and the options appear, including a widget call, then it will give you the option and search for WhatsApp

You should know that this shortcut is in the form of a WhatsApp conversation and you will have to drag it on your screen and through this widget, you can see all unread text messages in the app without anyone knowing, including group messages

A curious fact is that the largest motorists organization in the United States, recently warned of the danger of looking at phones when the traffic lights are red in a urge to avoid distracted driving that causes crashes every day in this country in which an average of nine people

L’AAA (American Automobile Association) indicated that, according to his research, drivers may feel a «hangover effect», in which the mind remains distracted until 27 seconds after using smartphones or voice infotainment systems while driving

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WhatsApp tip for creating a QR code for businesses
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