Scientists doubled the size of monkey brains by connecting them to human genes in a film-combining experiment “The Planet of the Apes”

In fact, researchers from the Max Planck Institute for Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics in Germany and the Central Institute for Experimental Animals in Japan inserted ARHGAP11B, a specific human gene, in the embryo of a typical monkey which allows the neocortex of its brain to develop.


Researchers Often Use Monkeys To Conduct Ethical Science Experiments. However, monkeys are not the only animals used in laboratories In 2015, Wieland Hunter, founder of the Max Planck Institute, had already introduced the same gene in mice. At that time, the specific function of ARHGAP11B was still largely unknown. Moreover, the effect on rodents was not apparent. The only thing scientists knew at the time was that the gene was somehow related to the size of the human neocortex..

Watching such an experience, it’s not surprising to think of the Planet of the Apes trilogy, which goes back to 2017 in fact, the plot of the film is based on an experiment that aims to make apes more human and smarter. Regarding Planet of the Apes, Disney is already preparing a remake

Thanks to the ARHGAP11B gene, scientists found that primate brains were rapidly becoming more human by developing new, larger and more advanced scales (the area that controls cognition and language) according to images published in Science, the size of the modified monkey's brain almost doubled after about 100 days. Of pregnancy

Scientists do not want to continue the experiment for the moment, said Hunter: «Given the potential unintended consequences for postpartum brain function, we deemed it necessary – and morally imperative – first to determine the effects of ARHGAP11B on brain development. The neocortex, Therefore, analyzes were limited to embryos, because the expression of the human gene will affect the development of the neocortex in the monkey ape

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News – WITH – Insertion of human gene into monkey embryo causes brain size to increase
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a Insertion of the human gene into an embryo The monkey causes an increase in the size of the brain
human genes to increase the size of the monkey's brain?
– <a href = "/? s = Res = Res = ResearchesignerInInsInfoGenance to monkey embryos and double the size of their brains A human gene in a monkey embryo doubles the size of its brain.


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