As the end of 2020, the night sky will continue to be a spectacle during Halloween, astronomers were treated to a rare full moon which was also the smallest moon of the year Earlier this month, the planets were arranged in such a way that almost all the planets in the solar system were on display Around Christmas, a rare pair between Jupiter and Saturn will form a «double planet» in the sky and today, 29 November, in the night, the Frost Moon eclipse will delight those who see it coming to an end

According to Prevention (par Yahoo!) There is also a night full moon – The Frost Moon – between the 29 November and 30 November – an eclipse which can be quite weak, selon Earthsyki, some people will look at it directly and not realize it's happening

The frost moon – also called oak moon or beaver moon – is the full moon that occurs before the winter solstice It also happens to be a lunar eclipse, but if you want to see it, you must be too late depending on where you are A lunar eclipse occurs when the moon moves in the outer shadow or penumbra of the Earth, making the moon look darker than usual The penumbra eclipse, which occurs from Sunday to Monday, is the last day of the year and appears in parts of North and South America, in Australia, in Australia and Asia

In the eastern time zone, the eclipse will culminate on 30 November at 4:43 p.m. In central time zone, in the evening 3:43 pm In the mountain time zone, it is 2h43m, in the pacific, he is 1:43 am, and in the Alaska time zone, for those who live in the 12:43 am time zone in the air, he is 11:43 pm The afternoon of 29 November At this point, about 83% of the Moon will be in partial shadow of the Earth, however, as indicated previously, there will be very little difference and it may be difficult to find it with the naked eye, although it should be somewhat visible through a telescope It should also be noted that the moon will also be in full position during this event, reaching the right position of «full moon» at 30:30 in the morning.

Do you check the Frost Moon eclipse? Are you most excited about this winter season's eclipse or the upcoming connection of the «double planet» during a cosmic event? Let us know your thoughts in the comments

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News – FR – Here's how to watch tonight's Frost Moon eclipse
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Here& # 39; s How to see tonight & # 39; s Frost Moon Eclipse
The frost moon is shining over Europe ahead of a week that will appropriately see UK temperatures dip and the first
Here& # 39; s how to watch tonight& # 39; s Frost Moon eclipse
A frost moon eclipse will be visible in the sky tonight
A frost moon eclipse will be visible in the night sky at the end of this month


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