Law student who funded private operation to shrink her breasts from 34J to 32D – after being refused by the NHS – says she has been warned that she may need a wheelchair without surgery

Amber Roach, who is a small 5 feet 3 inches, had 16 kg of breast tissue collected during a two and a half hour procedure in November But the player 21 years has come a long way to get to this point

«I look at myself sideways in the mirror now and my breasts fit in the reflection, not at 10 meters across the room It's so different », déclare Amber, originaire de Bushey, Hertfordshire,

«J’ai reçu un soutien-gorge de sport de ma sœur, Robyn, pour Noël et je suis allé faire une petite course Ne pas avoir un œil au beurre noir était incroyable

«Une des choses que je veux vraiment faire en 2021, si la pandémie est terminée, est de faire de la randonnéeje n’aurais pas pu le faire à 100% avant C’était déjà comme porter un sac à dos sur le devant

Amber a décidé de faire un financement participatif avec un objectif de 5 000 £ pour payer une opération de réduction mammaire, au lieu de demander des cadeaux pour l’argent

Elle a décroché son jackpot en quinze jours, en grande partie grâce à la réception de 2500 £ d’un seul donateur, qui souhaite rester anonyme

Le Dr Reza Alamouti, chirurgien esthétique de premier plan, a entendu parler du sort d’Amber et a renoncé à ses honoraires habituels, de sorte que les 5000 £ qu’elle a collectés étaient suffisants pour lui permettre de subir la procédure au London Welbeck Hospital de Marylebone, au centre de Londres

La procédure lui aurait normalement coûté 10000 £, car elle avait besoin d’une réduction mammaire, d’un lifting des seins et d’une liposuccion

“At the time, je me suis ditc’est mon 21e, je ne veux pas de cadeaux, tout ce que je veux, c’est de l’argent pour cette réduction C’est le meilleur cadeau que je puisse avoir

They have become too heavy and bulky for her to continue playing sports, run mile runs or even work out at the gym

Constantly aware that her breasts attracted unwanted attention and made her awkward, they started to affect his confidence and self-esteem

Now a size eight on the top half, she declared: “ I was very angry and I blamed my breasts for not being able to do some things They were like the central force behind all my other problems

«I wallowed down finding myself unattractive and now my breasts are gone, it's such a weight on my shoulders – physically and mentally”

Amber only had 14 years when she noticed her breasts, then DD, distinguishing her from her classmates at Queens ‘School in Bushey

They caught the attention of the boys, which has led other girls to call her «flirt», which she found very upsetting

From netball, she even remembers having her chest bandaged before a match, after her sports bra failed to take the strain

«I used to get the most ridiculous questions from my classmates like:« Do you stuff fabric in your bra? » or “are they real?” and “did you do them?”

«Which parent would leave their child 14 years old having a boob job? Comme si j’aurais subi une intervention chirurgicale à cet âge

Avec ses seins un 34G encore plus gros au moment où elle a rejoint la sixième forme, Amber est devenue incroyablement gênée

«Les enseignants me répugnaient de m’habiller de manière inappropriée, alors que tout ce que je porterais était un col roulé, mais ce serait serré

Les autres filles porteraient la même chose et ne se faisaient pas dire J’avais juste l’impression que tout ce que je portais était plus sexualisé que les autres étudiants

Amber, qui a reçu de la physiothérapie depuis l’âge de 14 ans en raison de maux de dos causés par ses seins, a déclaré que la situation était devenue si grave qu’elle avait demandé à son médecin généraliste une réduction du NHS.

Mais on lui a dit d’attendre d’avoir 18 years, quand elle a de nouveau été refusée, alors que ses seins étaient un bonnet J à ce moment-là

Lorsqu’elle a déménagé pour étudier le droit à l’Université de Leeds, Amber a dit qu’elle se sentait jugée par ses gros seins, plutôt que par son cerveau ou sa personnalité

C’était comme si avoir de gros seins était une invitation pour les deux sexes à me toucher aussi”, she says

«I used to put my phone in my bra and always made people say:” Attention, don't lose it there! ” I laugh with them, but it really wasn't funny”

In addition to unwanted attention from men on night out, Amber also had to deal with mean comments from women

«The women looked and said:« Jesus Christ, look at those boobs«They were clearly almost weird”

When six months ago, Amber couldn't get out of bed for a month, due to back pain caused by the weight of her breasts – forcing her to take prescribed pain relievers like codeine – et sa troisième référence au NHS pour une réduction a été reportée grâce à Covid-19, elle a finalement pris les choses en main

Mon physiothérapeute m’avait dit que si je ne continuais pas à faire les exercices de Pilates qu’elle m’avait appris, je pourrais me retrouver dans un fauteuil roulant ou avoir de graves problèmes à l’âge moyen parce que ma colonne vertébrale pourrait s’effondrer ”, did she say

Un filet de dons de la famille et des amis est devenu une inondation lorsque l’histoire d’Amber a été repérée par les médias et qu’elle a atteint son objectif de 5 000 £ en deux semaines – with 2 500 £ provenant d’un seul donateur

«He told me he had a similar problem, where he needed surgery It was the sanity aspect of my GoFundMe that won him over He didn't want mine to become as bad as his », she says

And when the Harley Street plastic surgeon, and Dr Alamouti, director of New You, offered his services for free, she finally saw a light at the end of the tunnel

During the two and a half hour operation, He took off 16 kg of breast tissue and Amber's nipples displaced 15 cm, leaving anchor-shaped scars on his chest that will fade over time. 18 next months – but will not disappear

Satisfied with the resulting symmetry of her breasts and that both of her nipples survived the operation, with an almost total feeling, he considered the procedure a success

“When I went to the bathroom for the first time, I looked at myself in the mirror and thought to myself:” Oh my God, Where did they go? “

Amber had to wear a surgical bra for six weeks and couldn't do heavy work for a month after the operation

But Amber is now looking forward to shopping for cute, affordable underwear and bikinis at Primark., rather than buying from more expensive specialist websites.

Amber – who postponed the first term of his second year of university to undergo the operation – now feels more confident to achieve her goal of becoming a lawyer, without her breasts holding her back

“I had really come to the end of the road My breasts were making me miserable and they were having an impact on my physical health », this Amber

«I am extremely grateful to the people who made my surgery possible, but i have told many girls on social media not to feel pressured to have breast reduction unless it affects their health, they should just learn to love them”

Dr Alamouti said he had seen an increase in the number of adolescent girls and young women having undergone breast reduction procedures

But he advises young women to speak to their GP first to see if they qualify for a discount on the NHS, see a physiotherapist to make sure they have a properly fitted bra and research surgeons before deciding to go private.

“The problem, it's not just the physical issues, but psychological distress This operation can change the lives of people like Amber”

Student, be, spine

News – GB – A student who was told that 34J breasts could “ crush the spine ” participatory fund reduction operation
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A student who was told her 34J tits could & # 39; crush his spine& # 39; crowdfunds private reduction surgery
– A student of A student from 5 feet 3 inch sees her 34J tits reduced in private operation from 5 000 £ after being turned down for surgery on the NHS


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