Signed «Love, Jack», the postcard was sent by a hero of the Titanic disaster – but he was not the fictitious one ( pâmer!) Jack Dawson character played by Leonardo DiCaprio in the epic film 1997

However, the correspondence of 1912 bearing a picture of the supposed ship «unsinkable» written by leading wireless operator Jack Phillips should earn at least 15 000 $ up for auction this month.

The man from 24 years ago sent the postcard 109 years to his sister, Elsie Phillips, the Belfast, in Ireland, the 7 mars, just five weeks before the fateful sinking – and his death on 15 avril

He wrote a sweet message to his brother on the back of the glossy postcard showing the White Star Line Titanic on the day it was launched in Belfast on 31 May 1911

«Very busy working late», wrote the experienced telegraph operator, who perished after the ship struck the huge iceberg in the North Atlantic off Nova Scotia.

“I hope to leave on Monday and arrive in So’ton [Southampton, England] Wednesday afternoon Hope you are well I heard from Ethel yesterday », he continued

In his cursive writing, Phillips added in the address panel: “Miss E Phillips, Ryde Hse school, Ripley, Woking, Surrey”

This was probably one of the last sibling communications before Phillips left Southampton for the Titanic's maiden voyage. – the intended destination being New York City

Four days later, the former postal worker, who celebrated his 25 years aboard the doomed liner, proved to be a true hero of destruction.

During the shipwreck, he bravely sent wireless messages to other ships imploring them to navigate the treacherous ice fields and save the passengers and crew of the Titanic.

One of these telegraphs was sent to the Carpathia, the steamboat which took on board some 705 survivors of lifeboats two hours after the sinking of the Titanic in 2 h 20.m

Phillips, who stayed at his station and only left the ship when the water flooded his feet, ended up on an overturned collapsible lifeboat where he died in severe cold.

The young man, who had served on numerous ships for the Marconi Company before being assigned to the Titanic as radio chief, kept in frequent contact with Elsie during her nautical career.

She kept nearly 300 postcards he wrote to her during this time, including the example of «launch day» of the Titanic which he posted a few days before his sea trials and his first and last voyage.

Bobby Livingston, Executive Vice President of RR Auction in Boston, Massachusetts, where the item is sold, said: «Phillips often chose postcards depicting ships he sailed on.

“From our research, only five of the 300 postcards kept by Elsie had a connection to the Titanic, and only two featured the ship as a front photo, which makes it an exceptionally rare example.”

The auction for the postcard ends on 14 April and experts expect it to come under the hammer for at least 15 000 $

In 2018, a postcard written by a maid on board the ship to a friend with the message «I wish you are here» was auctioned It was posted from Queenstown, now Cobh in Cork, in Ireland, by Sarah Daniels to friend Nell Green on 11 avril, four days before the fall of the Titanic.

Other notable Titanic-related memorabilia for sale at the Massachusetts auction house date from more recent times They include a beige fabric life jacket and dinner plate which were props from the Oscar-winning James Cameron film with DiCaprio and Kate Winslet.

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News – GB – A signed Titanic postcard “Love, Jack” should earn more than 15 000 auction dollars


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