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Un manoir de 48 millions de livres sterling niché dans les collines au-dessus de la Côte d’Azur doit être démoli après qu’une décision de justice a mis fin à une impasse juridique de 15 years

Le magnat de l’immobilier Patrick Diter a construit un palais à l’italienne de 32 000 pieds carrés, nicknamed “ Château Diter ”, sur le site de ce qui était autrefois une modeste ferme de 2000 pieds carrés sans obtenir au préalable un permis de construire

Construction work started in 2005 et en 2009, a group of disgruntled neighbors, led by British millionaires Stephen and Caroline Butt, continued M. Diter and justice, deciding that the “ construction frenzy had to stop ”

In 2015, an appeal court in Aix-en-Provence ruled that the castle should be demolished Only the original small house was spared

From now on, in the last episode of the real estate saga, the Court of Cassation, the highest judicial court in France, confirmed the previous ruling that the castle should be demolished and the countryside restored to its original state

Palais: Patrick Diter built an Italian palace of 32 000 pieds carrés (photo) nicknamed “ Château Diter ”, sur le site de ce qui était autrefois une modeste ferme de 2000 square feet without first obtaining the building permit In the latest episode of the real estate saga, the Court of Cassation, the highest judicial court in France, confirmed the previous ruling that the castle should be demolished

Determined: However, M. Diter still hasn't given up on his hope of keeping his castle and even hinted that he could take his case to the European Court of Human Rights., Patrick Diter with his wife and daughter at the castle

However, M. Diter still hasn't given up hope of keeping his castle and has even hinted that he might take his case to the European Court of Human Rights, according to AirMail

His lawyer Philippe Soussi said: “ This decision is not the epilogue of this affair Even the idea of ​​demolishing Château Diter, which is an architectural masterpiece, is unimaginable and foolish We will fight to avoid this’

Neighbors' lawyer has a different point of view Virginie Lachaut-Dana insisted that “ the decision of the Court of Cassation is final in French law and cannot be annulled by a European court’

A local official also rejected the idea, saying: “It's ridiculous No one has violated Patrick Diter's human rights His rights have been taken into account at every step of this legal journey’

The castle has 18 bedrooms, two helipads, swimming pool, a cellar with wine tasting room, a steeple, a roman colonnade, hand painted murals, century-old fireplaces and an orangery – to name a few of its characteristics It hosted the X-Factor, millionaire weddings and late night celebrity parties

Tuscan property, which has three swimming pools and two helipads, must be demolished as it was built in a protected wooded area

The site once housed a farm of 2700 square feet until it becomes a Renaissance chateau with extensive grounds and enough space to accommodate 2000 party people

A large bedroom in the Renaissance-style property which includes arches in the walls and an extravagant chandelier

The entire property will have to be demolished within 18 month or Diter will have to pay daily fines In the photo: one of the many large salons of the sumptuous mansion

When Simon Cowell landed his helicopter on the property in 2017 after hiring him for an episode of The X-Factor, he told the staff it was “ the most beautiful property I have ever seen ”

But the Butts and other neighbors disagreed Speaking to MailOnline in 2019, Ms Butt said: “ Sometimes, the music is so loud we can't sit on the patio You can't sleep and he had parties that last until 5am It means you can't enjoy your own home’

Les Butts own the neighboring estate of 20 acres, which includes a six-bedroom house with an astroturf tennis court and gardens designed by famous landscape architect Russell Page

His retreat in French was, Ms Butt said, “absolute magic with a magnificent view” until january 2005, “when every time we arrived, there was another building coming”

One of the swimming pools at Château Diter with arcades, Renaissance-style stairs and statues around the perimeter

In 2009, with the support of neighbors, the Butts decided that “ the building frenzy had to stop ”

This marked a deterioration in relations between M. Diter and the Butts, who were once on good terms

M. Diter bought the domain of Saint-Jacques du Couloubrier for 15 million euros in 2000 He settled with his family on the farm and in 2001 sold most of the land and the main house in Les Butts for three million euros

M. Diter said that the development of his house “ had his heart ” He replanted thousands of trees destroyed by fire, collected chimneys, stones and doors from all over Italy, from France and Monaco, drives bulldozers, dug the ground

He also applied for a building permit for an extension Having obtained verbal agreement from the mayor's office in 2006, Diter was too anxious to wait for the permit and started working The permit arrived a few months later

A night view of Patrick Diter's castle in the south of France for which he would not have had the proper permission

Patrick Diter and his wife Monica in a living room of their castle in the south of France in September 2017

Comfort: in addition to the reception rooms, le manoir dispose d’une gamme de chambres et de salles de bains somptueuses pour se détendre après des fêtes somptueuses

Décadent: autrefois une humble ferme, le site a été transformé en un magnifique manoir avec des jardins verdoyants par l’homme d’affaires Patrick Diter

M. Diter avait en fait construit 90% de son château, après avoir obtenu deux permis, avant que Mme Butt n’entame son action en justice en 2009

Parmi ceux qui auraient accueilli des mariages au château se trouvent le rugbyman italien Mirco Bergamasco et le magnat Kimi Grover qui ont épousé son fils Kunal à Ria Dubash en présence de nombreuses stars de l’industrie cinématographique de Bollywood.

It was also praised by a television crew for use in episodes of The Crossing, a detective series starring Donald Sutherland.

However, not all local residents like the castle The perfumer France Dieu, whose family has worked here for three generations, stated that in 2019, the castle had brought “ value and sparkle ” to the region

In addition to his decision, the Court of Cassation also imposed fines on Diter totaling 550 000 dollars, both to him personally and to his real estate companies, according to AirMail

Patrick Diter stands in front of a digger in the luxury property in 2017 au milieu de la bataille juridique en cours sur le château

Somptueux: le château possède de nombreuses salles de réception et salons remplis d’antiquités et peut accueillir 2000 personnes pour un large éventail d’événements

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Château, France

News – GB – Tycoon is ordered to demolish the French palace in 48 million pounds sterling
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Le château doit disparaître! Tycoon reçoit l’ordre de démolir un palais français de 48 millions de livres sterling qu’il a construit illégalement au & # 39; final & # 39; décision suivant
Le propriétaire de palais extravagant a ordonné de démolir sa maison de 70 millions of dollars


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