Steam has received an update that adds new features for Xbox Elite controllers, as well as other types of controllers New features include additional rebind functionality, additional options for the PS5 DualSense controller, etc.

First and foremost, this update adds what Steam calls «extended Xbox controller support» If you have an Xbox Elite controller (or a new Xbox Series X controller), you will notice additional rebind options You can now remap the Elite controller paddles into your configurations, while the Share button on the Series X controller is now a remappable button Trigger rumble is now also supported via the Windows Gaming Input API It is also now possible for you to connect more 4 Xbox controllers to Steam, if desired This will be useful for local multiplayer games that support more than 4 players

It's Not Just Xbox Controllers Getting Some Love In This Update, However, the PS5's DualSense controller also has additional Steam features Specifically, a new drop-down menu has been added for the PS5 controller customization menu which allows you to turn off the controller LED You can also turn it on only when multiple controllers are connected, or activate at any time The default setting is that the LED only comes alive when multiple controllers are connected, so be sure to change it if you are not happy with this setting.

You can read the full patch notes – which also include some additional peripherals and installation instructions – here The Xbox Elite controller is currently the subject of controversy; Microsoft faces controller drift lawsuit Redmond tech giant recently asked a court to send the lawsuit to arbitration in response to the lawsuit, Microsoft also recently extended the warranty for its Xbox Elite controllers from 90 days to a year. Hope your Xbox Elite controller holds up better than it did for the plaintiffs in this lawsuit

Will you be using your Xbox Elite controller with Steam? Let us know in the comments below!

Dark Souls has changed my life and I'm here to share the good news I love all kinds of games pretty much, but I judge everything by his closeness to our Lord and Savior, Dark Souls

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News – FR – Steam Adds New Features For Xbox Elite Controller And More


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