Mercury slips to 19 ° due south of Saturn on 9 January, and the next evening forms a nice equilateral triangle with the gas giants The three planets are in a 2 Circle of 3 ° The 11 January, Mercury moves next to Jupiter and stands 14 ° South (at the bottom right) Attend these events 30 minutes after sunset and for about 30 minutes before the last of the three planets sets towards 6 hM local time

There is a difficult young moon in this region on 13 January – attempts to see it will require a very clear southwest horizon The new moon is occurring at 12 AM IS 13 January, and that evening at sunset will show an illuminated crescent within 1% Look for it between 20 and 25 minutes after sunset, when our satellite is about 1 ° above the horizon This is a very difficult observation unless conditions are perfect

There is a ray of hope (Okay, soleil) the 21, spreading on the ground of the great bruised crater Maginus The grooves, domes and escarpments – like the right wall clearly visible in a few large craters to the north – all depend on their height to cast shadows on the surrounding plains In full contrast, Maginus has a domed sun, central peaks and, more important again, a severely dented edge that allows a prominent V-shaped light gap to propagate in the dark.
Do not confuse this use of the word ray with the much more common ejecta rays seen on a full moon.The latter are the result of large impacts spreading a lighter tinted material across the face of the moon in long lines., the most spectacular of which is nearby Tycho.
As in astronomy, timing is everything One night earlier, Maginus is in total darkness; one later, the Sun has risen high enough to illuminate almost the entire Maginus crater will also appear much closer to the limb than on our map Luna is under the ecliptic, so we look at her lightly instead of being face to face This tilt is called libration
A week later, we reach the full phase At this point, the Sun will be high in the lunar sky, previously visible shadows have disappeared, and all that remains of Maginus are subtle traces for the selenophile patient to follow.

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