The Pyromancer class in Outriders can excel with the use of specific mods, and here is an overview of the best you can acquire

The Pyromancer is a mid-range class that is essentially the mage of the Outriders.: squishy and may feel a bit underpowered early in the game With the right approach through three class trees for Pyromancer (Ash Breaker, Fire Storm et Tempest), you can create a powerful build that can maintain health and deal damage.

In terms of mods, each Pyromancer mod is very specific to the type of Pyromancer build you are looking for You can check out our guide to a great Pyromancer build here We will cover some of the best mods for the class

Le technomancien a Freeze, the devastator has bleeding and the pyromancer has Ash This ability is best used through the skill Feed the flames and the skill Burst of ashes. You will be able to maintain through the Feed of the Flames health drain and hold your enemies in place with the Ash Blast Sort of works like the Technomancer's Cryogenic Turret

The best mods for an Ash Pyromancer build include the Ashen Champion mod for the FUNESE R Beam Skill which allows Ash a bit more flexibility with your skills, le mod Tier 3 Ashes and Leeches for the Ash Blast skill which improves the weapon's leech bonus, ideal for increased durability at the end of the game, and the neutral Tier weapon mod 3 Ultimate Ashen Balls, that cause your bullets to inflict the Ash mark on enemies

Taking down the Firestorm Tree is all about improving health and reducing damage taken, turning your Glass Cannon Pyromancer into a bit of a unit You should be able to take a lot of extra damage through this path Thanks to the awesome Outriders skill tree reset system, you can always try this route if you find yourself dying a lot in high world difficulty level. It relies heavily on Feed the Flames and FUNESEPoutre R

Some of the best mods for a Pyromancer tanker build include the Tier mod 3 Fame Grasper for Feed The Flames which allows the absorption of two additional targets, increasing health regeneration; the level Fire Eater mod 1 to feed the flames, increase the health drain of enemies hit by Burn by 150%, a good synergy here, and probably something like the Golem Rising level mod 3, this grants you a Protective Golem Shield of 3 seconds after killing an enemy

The Tempest tree for the Pyromancer is the one that most closely resembles a classic mage You will deal heavy AOE damage with a range of fancy fire spells that combine great with the Pyromancer skill kit, mods and weapons This version is heavily dependent on Heatwave, Ash Blast et Eruption

You'll want to choose endgame mods that complement your skills, we therefore recommend the Strength From Fire mod for Heatwave at the level 3, this increases the overall damage of your weapon by 15% for each enemy affected by the skill, level 1 Giga-Blast Mod for Eruption, which increases the radius of the skill of 100% for additional AOE potential, and the level mod 1 Ash Armor Down pour Ash Blast, which reduces enemy armor by 50% pendant 5 seconds

There is a lot of synergy for Burn on the Pyromancer, and although Burn fits perfectly into any of the building ideas above, you can structure your Pyromancer around Burn and Burn only. With a good range of damage and durability, Burn construction makes perfect sense It is more than appropriate to complete some of the more difficult quests in the game, and later the most difficult expeditions.

Some of Burn's powerful mod ideas include the level neutral armor mod 2 Blazing Aegis, which increases the stack of armor according to the number of enemies with Burn that you have killed; the mighty level Bullet Kindling mod 2, which increases damage against enemies hit by burns 20%, and the big burning lot of level mod 1, that blasts enemies with a heat bomb to leave scorching patches of earth behind

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