I'm locked in a two-dimensional room on several levels Far away, I see my friends, all 200, climb a ladder that will take them to safety and where they can reach the lock that will suddenly set me free, a loud crackling noise alerts me to the presence of an enemy He cannot see me, but he can see my friends I quickly cast a spell to defeat him, but more sligs come I take possession and use it to kill another one, then another I can't follow A slig knows something is wrong with his so called mate, and it kills my avatar, cutting myself off I keep singing to quickly take possession of another, but I'm too slow The sligs see my friends They aim and start shooting I'm counting 36 falling bodies

I'm seven o'clock in Oddworld: Soulstorm and the game is a kind of fun I never expected The decision of the people of Oddworld to create an all-new Oddworld adventure has transformed what was once a simplistic puzzle platformer into a rich narrative experience that m 'hooked on characters that I have always loved, but what I love now

Oddworld: Soulstorm, now available on PlayStation 4 and 5, and PC, is a new generation reimagining of Oddworld: Abe’s Exoddus, sequel to Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee Après Oddworld: New N Tasty, Oddworld: Soulstorm is the second time developer Oddworld Inhabitants has given one of its old titles a next-gen overhaul But instead of making a simple HD remake like New N Tasty was, Soulstorm is a new game with new mechanics, new levels and a new story.

Oddworld: Soulstorm is a «29D side scrolling platform ” As Abe, you have to navigate dangerous terrain, avoiding the traps, enemies and even local wildlife. To support next-generation graphics updates, Soulstorm has also improved the way Abe moves by adding more complex actions to his repertoire than he had in Exoddus..

I played the first two Oddworld games, Abe’s Exoddus and Abe’s Oddysee as a child, and I remember both of them bothering me The cramped environments, dark and dirty created a sense of dread that delighted and terrified me In every room, there was a puzzle to solve or a secret to find, and my brain enjoyed the workout After playing and finishing at 100% New N Tasty, I couldn't wait for Soulstorm to relive the same thrilling terror. Soulstorm, with all its new elements and improvements, seemed to want to increase the difficulty levels, and I was delighted to play. But a few hours after starting Soulstorm, I'm still waiting to feel the same terrifying excitement I felt playing its creator

Abe's exodus and saving all the Mudokons was difficult as the limited actions available mean you have to plan meticulously how to navigate a room full of traps with your friends safely With all the new items, much of this planning has been eliminated in favor of just having the right amount of items to create the right tool for the job. In Exoddus it was: «Ok, i have to go down, run to save my life, jump, hope to catch the ledge, go up and pull the lever before the slig sees me and shoots me to death”Now, this is:” I can use the Smoke Screen Bomb or the Sound Bomb and move around as I want”The difficulty that made Exoddus stressful but rewarding has been reduced to a sort of generic platform for action and adventure.

That said, Soulstorm is still scratching my puzzle platformer itch I miss the challenge of the originals but Soulstorm is not without difficulty Abe's improved movement options and new level designs create totally new challenges that I am having fun with raise At the start of the game, Abe is forced through black caves infested with dog-like creatures called slogs. You only have a limited number of flares to light your way and changes to your singing ability allow you to spot dangers. However, you have no weapons to deal with slogs, so your best bet is to stay as quiet as possible. Sing, talking to other Mudokons or running around will wake up the slogs and they are hungry for dinner Stay silent and risk falling into an invisible bottomless pit? Or do you use your song's recognition ability and let the slogs of war escape?

I mostly enjoy Soulstorm despite new item offerings rather than because of it., collecting items is tedious and I tend to ignore collecting if I can help it But in Soulstorm, you can't help him Abe can search lockers, open wooden crates, chasing clay jars or simply picking up various items from the ground that he can use on his travels. In the first handful of levels, you discover Soulstorm Brew Throw a bottle of it at the nearest fire and it explodes, eliminating any unfortunate slig, wooden barricade or Mudokon worker caught in the explosion Some items are cool The ribbon, for example, can be used to tie up a stunned slig, permanently neutralizing it But one of the objects, moolah, I absolutely hate There are doors called moolah doors that prevent Abe from progressing unless he pays the amount of moolah marked on the door I have encountered situations where I have successfully completed a full room of traps and enemies, but I found myself unable to progress because while I was running for my life, i neglected to check every locker and dumpster for the moolah that i would later need to move on i have never been the kind of gamer who obsessively checks every nook and cranny for every little one object – It's a waste of time This game sometimes demands it – force myself to redo parts that I have already done, it's boring as hell

As in New ‘n’ Tasty, I always wanted to save all my Mudokon buddies, but I already screwed up that dream Soulstorm UI will tell you how many Mudokons are at a given level, more, for all I know, it lacks visual clues as to where Exoddus hinted at secret hiding places in Mudokon with the presence of small stacks of Soulstorm beer bottles Soulstorm has no equivalent, so i have obsessively checked every boulder that stands out in the foreground and always looking for workers hidden in the steam vents.There has been more than one occasion where a wandering roll against a wall that seems solid reveals a hidden area where Mudokons are while waiting for their savior.

I love that the game rewards you for taking an extra moment to spot false walls and false bottoms There is never a time when straying from the obvious path doesn't give a collectible or a Mudokon to save But even all the same, all of my tips and tricks for playing the original Oddworld games weren't enough to save everyone

There was a moment at the start of the game that made me realize I couldn't save everyone Abe is locked in a room, unable to escape until enough Mudokons climb a giant ladder to press the button that will unlock the room As they climb, you have to stop the waves of sligs from bringing them down It's hard There are so many sligs and you can only own one at a time While you control one by shooting another, a third, a fourth and a fifth mow down dozens of Mudokons After countless attempts to save the 200 Mudokons, I had to give up or I would never see the rest of the game It made me think maybe this is working as expected, that it was the game that teaches me that this time, Abe will not be able to save everyone I have listed the 36 Mudokons that I lost on my heart and I solemnly walked into another room that made me repeat the meeting

What was so nice about the old Oddworld games, it was to examine a problem – say a room designed to be nothing more than an elaborate death trap – and find how to guide you, you and your zero survival instinct, putting friends to safety. This experience with the ladder undermined that a bit and made the challenge less about your ability to plan smartly and more about your ability to mash buttons.. I'm not a button masher, so i failed

Another moment also forced me to accept losses, but this time, it was due to a bug and not a puzzle design The portals you use to send your Mudokons to freedom are made up of little birds that disperse when you get too close Usually, when this happens, you wait a while and the birds reappear or you can transition between screens and come back to reappear the portal. The bug I encountered permanently caused a portal to disappear and nothing I did could bring it back.I was forced to leave behind the Mudokons that I had gathered in the area as they weren't able to bring it back. couldn't follow me into the next area where another portal might have been waiting for me I have already resigned myself to a second game later in the year, when the walkthroughs are available

I haven't finished the game yet, that's why it's not a full review I'm about six or seven hours into And although I initially feel disappointed with the lack of challenge, I'm having fun I've always loved the first two Oddworld games, so having an upgraded version of Exoddus is catnip for myself as a teenager Hope the story strikes the right balance between Abe's quest as the Chosen One and the disgusting wacky humor that made the first games so lovely I also hope the later levels will be built with the old Oddworld in mind – more dependent on your problem-solving ability than having the right number of doohickies in your backpack

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After realizing that my frustrating death loop in New n Tasty was caused by a little bat (?) floating around which you have to throw a bottle cap to kill, I continued and finished the game. More «missed» like more than 100 Mudokons companions or something ridiculous like that This, despite the fact that if / when I saw a Mudokon on the screen, at any time, the whole game, I saved it Where did I miss so many? Did I literally jump 50% Game? Or? Comment? Why?

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