Raz’s Spire Quest requires you to find a Cult Talisman, and here's how you can do it in Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 6

One of Raz’s Spire's quests from the chapter 2 of Fortnite, season 6, requires you to find a cult talisman on the map, and here is how to achieve it

The season 6 Fortnite has brought a ton of new content for gamers, including tame wild animals and a new crafting system Spire Quests are new additions that let you experience a storyline while gaining XP

Some of them are from NPC Raz, who will task you with playing the last diary Another of his Spire quests requires you to research the Talisman cult on the island Here's everything you need to know about this challenge

Finding the cult talisman on Fortnite Island isn't as easy as it sounds If you want to get your hands on a, you will have to fight and defeat one of the guardians You can find them guarding the towers around the map

Since these towers are huge, you can spot them from almost anywhere on the map so it won't be too difficult to find them, but we've made things even easier by marking their location on the map below.

There will be a guard in the tower that you will visit, and they will fight a lot, we therefore recommend that you stock up on your best weapons and equipment to prepare yourself in advance

These characters have special powers, as Guardian of the Fields, who is able to rush to dodge bullets and melee attacks during fights. They also have weapons capable of causing severe damage to your shields

Keep shields and healing items on you in case you end up taking too much damage Also make sure to keep an eye out for nearby enemy players, cause you don't want to be attacked from all sides.

Once the keeper is down, you will have to be quick to retrieve the Cult Talisman as it may disappear if you wait too long. You will want to avoid having to fight another of these enemies just because you were too slow.

The good news, is that you can choose the Guardian you want to fight on the map, and you don't have to defeat it in any way. So stick with whatever you want, then fight well

This covers everything you need to do to get the Cult Talisman and complete this Spire quest You can also get these kinds of challenges from other NPCs like Tarana, and you can check out our guide to his Spire Quest here

Here are the locations of the Blackheart NPCs, Zenith and Raptor to help you complete the challenges of the third week of the season 6

The challenges of the week 3 of the season 6 of Fortnite ask you to eliminate Raptor, Zenith ou Blackheart, so here is where you can find these hostile NPCs

In order to gain a lot of XP every week, Epic Games offers Fortnite players a weekly quest set The challenges of the week 3 ask you to test your fighting skills against other players and NPCs

To earn additional EXP for the Season Battle Pass 6, you should: “Eliminate Raptor, Zenith ou Blackheart”

Here are the locations of the three NPCs with some tips for eliminating them

With the help of FortniteGG, we have the exact locations of these three NPCs that you need to eliminate for the quests of the week 3

Raptor can be found in the Coral Castle on the northwest side of the island Like the other two NPCs you need to take out, he won't take your disturbing him nicely and will immediately start attacking you.

We recommend that you land a little away from the Coral Castle to loot equipment and weapons before going to pick it up.. But be quick, other players will also try to claim the bounty on his head

Like Blackheart is a pirate, you can find it on the Viking Vessel west of Holly Hedges Like any pirate would, it will try to kill you for your loot if you get too close We recommend that you land in the Superstore under the ship to loot before attacking it

Zenith is located at the weather station south of Catty Corner This is the NPC we recommend attacking as there is a lot of loot there just make sure you have enough ammo, shield and mat to take it out before pushing it

Expect these places to be quite busy, so you or the NPC can be eliminated before you can complete the challenge, so it is better to fly to the area furthest from the line.

Moreover, if you need help with the legendary quest, here's how to find the inflatable eggs

Epic Games added Diamond Hanz of the meme “Stonks” in Fortnite Season 6 as a new skin on april fool's day

Epic Games decided to surprise fans on April Fool's Day with a brand new skin in the form of Diamond Hanz, that you will recognize thanks to WallStreetBets, Stonks and tendies

April 1 is a day always full of surprises, and Fortnite players received a very enjoyable one this year The season 6 has already wowed fans with its various new features, and Epic Games have decided to release a new skin for April Fool's Day

The Diamond Hanz skin is based on the popular meme “Stonks”, which makes it the perfect choice for this day It is part of the whole game «To the Moon», and here's what we know about this new addition

If the terms “To the moon”, “Diamond hands” and “Stonks” seem unknown to you, be aware that they are part of the jargon used by investors to drive up the price of Gamestop shares

The pack contains the Diamond Hanz skin, as well as backbling “Gains” which you might recognize as the arrow of the meme Given the date, Adding the Stonks skin to Fortnite is definitely a fun decision

The best part is, this isn't just an April Fool's joke, and that you can actually buy the skin in the Item Shop for 1 200 V-Bucks Epic Games also brought back the Egg Launcher, as well as a new fodder object: Hop Drops

This tribute to the WallStreetBets crowd is certainly a fun little addition that Fortnite fans will love to play with even though the season 6 just started, the developers started to make it a memorable experience for gamers

In addition to this set, we also saw the introduction of other new cosmetics during the Spring Breakout event You can unlock the free Webster skin by participating and playing well in the first tournament of the season

The legendary quest of the week 3 of the season 6 of Fortnite requires you to search for inflatable eggs on the map, so here is how to find them

One of the challenges of the week 3 of the season 6 of Fortnite requires you to search for inflatable eggs hidden across the island, so here is how you can accomplish this task quickly

Now that the third week of the season 6 from Fortnite has arrived, you have a whole new set of challenges to complete for a good XP that will help you progress in the Battle Pass Plus, you can also complete new legendary challenges in Spring Breakout

This Easter-themed event brought new cosmetic items to the game, and the first legendary quests require you to search for inflatable eggs hidden around the map. Here's how you can do it

It's important to note that inflatable eggs aren't kept in specific locations on Fortnite Island and you can find them as loot in chests or on the ground.. So you won't have to worry about finding the right POI in your search.

The quest consists of five parts and you will need to find 10 inflatable eggs to complete the first stage of the challenge. Once you come across one of these collectibles, just take it and consume it

Although you can also find them in regular matches, we recommend that you search for them in the Team Rumble game mode. Indeed, most players are often too busy in combat to focus on looting, so you can collect more inflatable eggs.

Collecting four additional inflatable eggs will reward you with 24 500 XP and you will also unlock the Quaxes Tactical Pickaxe

Consuming them will regenerate your shields and reduce gravity so you can jump slightly higher You won't have to worry about hurting yourself while doing this, because the inflatable egg will deflect fall damage while you are under its effect.

This makes them especially useful later in a match., because you will have limited space to move around until then You can use the reduced gravity effect to avoid taking damage while jumping or to escape by jumping tall buildings

This covers everything you need to do for this week's Legendary Quest.We will keep you posted on more weekly challenges as the season progresses. 6 of Fortnite

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The Spire of Raz quest requires you to find a Cult Talisman, and this is how you can do it in the Fortnite chapter

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Where to get a Cult Talisman to complete the Fortnite Spire quest

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