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Canon is one of the best manufacturers of digital SLR cameras on the market Their well-known Rebel line houses the T6 and T6i, which offer excellent quality in images and photo material for photographers of all skill levels. With a versatile set of imaging capabilities, Canon's EOS Rebel T6i features an 18MP APS-C CMOS sensor and DIGIC image processor 4 Other popular SLRs include the EOS 80D and the EOS Rebel t7i, which both feature a 242MP APS-C CMOS sensor and can operate in a variety of lighting conditions with minimized noise for absolute clarity

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(Opinion Bloomberg) – In an anecdote often attributed to President John F. Kennedy's father, the moment when he managed to get out of the stock market boom of the years 1920 was when he started getting stock advice from his shoe shiner You can make a similar argument about when major stock indexes finally give their blessing to an emerging stock The most recent and most recent example dramatic of this will happen next month, when the&P 500 to admit Tesla Inc through its club doors for the first time Take Yahoo Inc The dotcom business archetype found its way into the US blue chip index in December 1999, just four months before the internet stock collapse that took the US over a decade to recover New admissions in the mid-years 2000 were rich with real estate games such as CBRE Group Inc, Properties of Boston Incet Kimco Realty Corp These companies were then hit by subprime mortgages and financial crises in 2008 Of course, it looks like Tesla is on a more solid footing than two years ago, when regulators launched allegations of fraud against Elon Musk and the company was, according to his terms, «single digit weeks »before bankruptcy Its rise to the S&P 500 was expected since second quarter results recorded a fourth consecutive period of profit, passing a crucial criterion that prevents many startups from staying off the index. Seen from a more precise perspective of operating cash flow, it gets even better 2 $4 billion inflows in the third quarter alone exceeded the decade's total operating cash flow through September 2019 The automotive industry as a whole appears to be performing remarkably well under the influence of Covid-19, the automotive and parts sub-index of S&P reaching its highest level in more than two years on Monday.Tesla is already the 11th largest company by market capitalization on US exchanges, about as much value as the world's three largest automakers Toyota Motor Corp, Volkswagen AG and General Motors Co put together Casual investors are likely to see their index funds turn them into indirect Tesla shareholders, whether they like it or not So, what not to like? The persistent question about the Tesla assessment has gone beyond the point where it is likely to disappear imminently, but still very hard to justify the price put on the stock Return on equity only shoot up even with the larger autos sub-index Even analysts believe it will rise north of 20% over the next few years will only bring them back to what was, until recently, considered normal for an industry that has not been appreciated by investors for years. This type of pedestrian financial performance is hard to reconcile with Tesla's extremely expensive stockpile The median price of S components&P 500 is of 2089 times the profits before 12 combined months The price ratio / Tesla's profit is 113, which would be enough to give it the highest rating in the index after Under Armor Inc, Boeing Coet SBA Communications Corp Comparing Futures EBITDA to Enterprise Value, only six companies have ratings higher than Tesla's 4951 times multiple It is very difficult to see how Tesla will be able to justify these long-term evaluations This is the case, even if you agree with the most optimistic analysts and assume that the company will produce around 10 billion dollars a year in net profit from here 2022 or 2023, against 556 million dollars over the 12 last months. On these figures, a price-benefit multiple of 20 times would produce a company not worth much more than half of the current market capitalization of 387 billion dollars from Tesla. This is the real lesson for newcomers to big indexes For every Yahoo or AOL Inc that turns into a parable of market excess, there is a Kimco or CBRE that survives but never recovers the magic that propelled it into the limelight The Yahoo hype in 1999 was ultimately a victim of the best search technology developed by a then little-known start-up called Google The race for electric vehicle domination over the next decade will not be much less competitive This column does not necessarily reflect the opinion of the committee Editorial Board or Bloomberg LP and its owners David Fickling is a Bloomberg opinion columnist covering commodities, as well as industrial and consumer companies He was a reporter for Bloomberg News, Dow Jones, le Wall Street Journal, The Financial Times and The Guardian For more articles like this, please visit us at BloombergSubscribe now to stay ahead with the most trusted source of business news© 2020 Bloomberg LP

NIO trades approximately 3% after normal working hours following third quarter results from Chinese electric vehicle startup It comes on the same day rival Tesla has soared from 8% on the news that the electric vehicle maker is set to join the S&P 500 (^ GSPC)

The year draws to a close and it’s time for Wall Street analysts to start pointing out their top picks for the year ahead. It’s a centuries-old tradition, in most areas, to take a sometimes ironic look at what lies ahead and start giving advice on the slogan of a metaphorical crystal ball Analysts carefully analyzed each action, by reviewing their past and current performance, its trends over a variety of time frames, management plans – analysts take everything into account Their recommendations provide valuable guidance for building a resilient portfolio in the new year As usual, TipRanks collected and collated the data on the best choices, and made them available to investors. Stock choices and their data make compelling choices Let's take a closer look at UTZ Brands (UTZ) UTZ Brands is a familiar brand in the eastern United States The company is known for its line of snack foods, salty rather than sweet variety The company's range of foods, especially pretzels, chips, snack mixes and popcorn, is a frequent choice in vending machines In August, UTZ (then known as Utz Quality Foods) entered into a business combination agreement with Collier Creek, a special purpose acquisition company The combination brought the venerable snack company into the public commerce arena More recently, UTZ reports strong third quarter results and says it has reached an agreement to buy competing snack company Truco Quarterly results have been released for the first time, the 5 November, indicating a turnover of 248 millions of dollars, a year-to-year gain of 24%, as well as a gain of 23% year-on-year gross margin. A week later, UTZ and Truco announced an agreement to acquire 480 millions of dollars, which will incorporate the brand of tortilla chips and salsas «On the Border» to the UTZL'analyst product line 5 Rupesh Parikh star, who clearly sees the way forward for the company, covers this Oppenheimer action. «[Suite] at the announcement of the company on 11/12 to acquire Truco Enterprises, [we] generally consider the economic aspects of the transaction very favorably, synergy opportunities, leverage on the attractive tortilla category, including ancillary products (sauce and cheese) and convincing growth prospects for the brand », said Parikh “We believe the company is well positioned to generate at least 3 at 4% organic sales growth and 6 at 8% EBITDA growth with an option to increase strategic acquisitions”, concluded the analyst. To this end, UTZ remains Parikh’s # 1 small-cap food choice Analyst rates stock outperformance (ie Acheter) with a price target of 24 $ This figure implies an increase of 28% compared to current levels (To look at Parikh's background, click here) Generally, Wall Street loves this stock and gets an excellent consensus rating from analysts – Strong buy On 7 analysts monitored by TipRanks over the 3 last months, 6 are optimistic about UTZ, while only one remains on the sidelines With a potential return of ~ 16%, the consensual target price of the share is 21 $71 (See the UTZ stock market analysis on TipRanks) RingCentral, Inc (RNG) Salty snacks, we move to telecommunications technology RingCentral is a cloud-based enterprise communications company The company's products are software platform packages that combine telephone and computer systems The flagship product platform, RingCentral Office, enables the communication system to be compatible with other popular business applications, especially DropBox, Google Docs, Outlook and Salesforce. RNG also offers unique features required for communication systems: call transfer, phone extensions, video calls and screen sharing Much of the modern business world is about problem solving, and RingCentral does exactly that for its customers – and the results are clear in terms of revenue and inventory performance. The turnover increased until 2020, third quarter revenues amounting to 303 million dollars for a 93% sequential gain Stocks easily recovered from the midwinter COVID fading, and the action trades up to 76% so far this year on the negative side, RingCentral operates with a net loss, and this net loss worsened even as revenues increased and the stock appreciated. The loss of BPA in Q3 was 24 centsJames Fish, analyst 5 stars at Piper Sandler, wrote the review on RNG, and he is optimistic about the future of the company. «RingCentral gains new customers and grows with existing ones given its ability to converge across the communications software stack, including with the contact center… we continue to recommend RingCentral as one of our« core 4 »in our cover and a name to own for the next few years », commented Fish Accordingly, Fish reiterates RNG as first choice Analyst attributes overweighting to stock (ie Acheter) with a price target of 362 $ At current levels, this indicates a possible rise in 21% for the coming year (To look at Fish's background, click here) Generally, RingCentral a 10 recent reviews, dont 9 purchases and 1 waiting, which makes the analyst consensus opinion a strong buy The average price target is 337 $22, which suggests an increase in 13% compared to the current price of 297 $79 (See the RNG stock market analysis on TipRanks) DraftKings, Inc (DKNG) The world of fantasy sports helps bring fans into the games, and now that the professional leagues have taken over the game – although for shortened seasons, out of respect for the coronavirus – DraftKings, who takes the fantastic leagues online, made great gains In addition to creating fantastic leagues, DraftKings offers sports betting, and the company's online model fits nicely with the social distancing restrictions put in place to tackle the current virus health crisis., the results of which were published earlier this month, DraftKings had a lot of good news Revenue, at 133 millions of dollars, have exceeded forecasts of 1 million de dollars, and the net loss per share was not as deep as analysts had feared The company reported a key measure – monthly unique players – exceeding a million, an important step for the future, DraftKings has revised upward its forecast for the year 2020 of 57% in the middle of the fork, of 540 at 560 millions of dollars The midpoint of forecast revenue 2021 is even more optimistic, at 800 millions of dollars as stated, these wins come as the major sports leagues are back in the game. But that's not the only key here DraftKings operates in 19 States plus DC – which jurisdictions allow legal online sports betting But eight other states are at various stages of legalizing DraftKings' niche, and the company looks forward to expanding its business Summarizing the outlook for DraftKings, Rosenblatt analyst Bernie McTernan writes: «[DKNG] remains a top pick in our Consumer Tech coverage Third quarter results will continue positive revisions to revenue estimates given better guidance than expected for ’20E and’ 21E We are at the top of the range “ 21E ”, what we think is achievable given our expectation of at least MI and VA online”The analyst added,” new states launches will put pressure on adj EBITDA, but encouragingly, the company says that NJ, their most mature market, is in a similar location where they had previously hoped it would be for its profit ramp.»McTernan Evaluates DKNG A Purchase, and its price target of 65 $ implies a sharp increase in 41% over a year (To view McTernan's background, click here) It's total, there is 19 Saved reviews for DraftKings, dont 13 purchases and 6 taken, which gives the stock a moderate buy rating by analyst consensus Stocks are currently priced at 46 $24 and have an average price target of 59 $, which makes the upside potential for the coming year of 38% (See the analysis of DKNG shares on TipRanks) Finding great ideas for stocks traded at attractive valuations, visit the best stocks to buy from TipRanks, a newly launched tool that brings together all the information about the actions of TipRanks Warning: the opinions expressed in this article are those of the featured analysts only The content is intended to be used for informational purposes only It is very important to do your own analysis before making any investment

In a regulatory dossier detailing its US-listed assets in September 30, Berkshire a divulguĂ© 5 $7 billion new health issues, including more than 1 $8 billion each in Abbvie Inc, Bristol-Myers Squibb Co, Merck & Co and 136 million dollars in Pfizer Inc Buffett normally manages large investments for 245 $ Berkshire Equity Portfolio 3 billion himself «COVID-19 made us think differently about health care», said James Armstrong, President of Henry H. Armstrong & Associates Ă  Pittsburgh, who owns Berkshire shares

(Bloomberg) – Soros Fund Management, who revealed that she owned 1846 millions d’actions de Palantir Technologies Inc, said he had invested in the data mining company in 2012 and that he would not do the same today”SFM made this investment at a time when the negative social consequences of big data were less understood”, the firm said in a statement on Tuesday. «SFM would not invest in Palantir today»George Soros' investment firm revealed stake in its latest 13F regulatory filing on Friday night with the US Security and Trade Commission Position was worth 175 million dollars at the end of the quarter Soros explained in a note posted to the Open Society Foundations website that the fund manager who originally made the investment was no longer employed by the investment firm. The position in Palantir was converted to publicly traded shares when Palantir, co-founded by Peter Thiel, became listed on the New York Stock Exchange in September Soros has sold all the shares it is authorized to sell at this time and will continue to sell, according to the press release «SFM does not endorse Palantir's business practices», said the Soros firm, 90 years, used his vast wealth to become one of the world's largest funders of justice groups, democracy, human rights and progressive politics through its foundations for an open society. He has invested billions in his philanthropic efforts, and most of his company's assets now belong to the foundations rather than the Soros family., he took a more aggressive stance on tech companies and artificial intelligence He criticized Facebook Inc and Google, comparing social media giants to gambling companies that promote addiction among users and claiming they mine the data they control In 2019, at the World Economic Forum in Davos, in Swiss, Soros warned against «mortal danger» China's use of AI to suppress its citizens under Xi Jinping's leadership Over the years, the financier's investments are at odds with this philanthropic philosophy Its funds have repeatedly held stakes in firearms manufacturers and coal companies. Palantir relies on contracts from government entities, including the US Department of Defense and the Central Intelligence Agency, for much of its income The company has been criticized by human rights activists for selling software that facilitates the deportation of immigrants and aggressive police. Its data scraping has also raised concerns among privacy advocates The stock's value has more than doubled since its IPO.(Updates with Soros warning on artificial intelligence in the seventh paragraph) For more articles like this, please visit us at bloombergSubscribe now to stay ahead with the most trusted source of business news© 2020 Bloomberg LP

Thomas H Kee Jr, Chairman and CEO of Stock Traders Daily and Portfolio Manager at Equity Logic, returns to Need to Know to offer a new call to the market He says investors will wake up to a harsh reality in 2021

The best dividend-paying stocks give a powerful boost to income and retirement portfolios These stocks offer both strong returns and strong performance

The four progressive congressmen known as “The Squad” were among the most vocal supporters who pushed President-elect Joe Biden to cancel student debt during his 100 first days in power

Palantir Technologies Inc (PLTR) hit an all-time high on Tuesday after new revelations hedge funds are building positions in data analytics firm Monday, Point72 Asset Management by Steven Cohen announced that it has acquired 299 million shares of Palantir, or 2Participation of 6%, while Anchorage Capital Group acquired just under 3 million shares for a 0Participation of 3%, according to Securities and Exchange Commission filings In a report released Tuesday, however, Soros Fund Management told CNN that it had already sold the stated stake because it did not approve of the company’s business practices and the hedge fund «made this investment at a time when the negative social consequences of the data were less understood”

(Bloomberg) – Morgan Stanley gave Tesla Inc an overweight rating for the first time in more than three years, predicting that Elon Musk’s company is about to go through a «profound change of model» from selling cars to generating revenue from high-margin software and services«Evaluating Tesla solely on car sales does not take into account the multiple activities embedded in the business», wrote analyst Adam Jonas in a note putting equities evenly and increasing his price target by 50% at 540 $, suggesting an increase in 22% for a five-fold title this year Jonas’s rating now includes network services, Tesla's energy storage and insurance business The Internet of Cars opportunity is also real and a prerequisite for unlocking further earnings for the share, the analyst wrote. Tesla shares extended their surge on Wednesday, up from 27% pre-market trading at 453 $56 The stock jumped from 82% Tuesday after his selection for admission to the S index&P 500(Updates with pre-market trading) For more articles like this, please visit us at bloombergSubscribe now to stay ahead with the most trusted source of business news© 2020 Bloomberg LP

(Bloomberg) – US Securities and Exchange Commission pushes forward plan that threatens to fire Chinese companies from US stock exchanges, staging a late clash between Washington and Beijing as the Trump administration ends by the end of this year, SEC intends to propose regulation that would lead to delisting of companies for non-compliance with US audit rules, According to people familiar with the matter Agency officials have quickly adopted a rule since August, when the president's financial markets working group – a regulatory council whose members include SEC Chairman Jay Clayton and Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin – urged the regulator to adopt restrictions that could go into effect as soon as 2022, said those who asked not to be named in private debates This move is unusual as most agencies stop releasing major new policies after a presidential election, especially when a new party takes power. Rule is unlikely to be finalized before President Donald Trump's term ends on January 20 Clayton, who plans to resign by the end of the year, will also be gone before any settlement is completed That would leave it to an SEC chief chosen by President-elect Joe Biden to finish The Nasdaq Golden Dragon China index has fallen by 09% mardi, against 0 Decrease in 5% for the benchmark S&P 500 The gauge, which tracks Chinese companies listed in US, closed at an all-time high at the end of last week China's main stock index was little changed on Wednesday At stake is the issue that has plagued US regulators for more than a decade: China's refusal to let SOE Accounting Supervisory Board inspectors review audits of Alibaba Group Holding Ltd, Baidu Inc and other companies that trade in the US markets It has gained urgency amid rising tensions between the two countries and following this year's high-profile accounting scandal at Luckin Coffee Inc Pushing to vote, Clayton would force Republican and Democratic SEC commissioners – who all have years to meet their conditions – to officially declare whether they support stricter rules for Chinese companies. The issuance of a proposal also forces the SEC to seek public comment and investor advocates are expected to flood the agency with letters supporting Clayton's plan., unlike many policies in this era of increased partisanship, China's crackdown on calls to Republicans and Democrats on Capitol Hill In May, The US Senate has approved an unopposed bill that orders the SEC to initiate the process of delisting Chinese companies whose audits are not inspected by US regulators All of these factors could put pressure on ClaytonLa's Democratic successor SEC declined to comment on Fang Xinghai's regulatory plan, vice chairman of the China Securities Regulatory Commission, issued a positive note on resolving the issue during a panel discussion earlier this week, affirming that it is important to ensure that Chinese companies have access to international capital markets.”I think under the Biden administration, nous devrions être en mesure de résoudre ce problème car ce n’est pas un problème insoluble”, a déclaré Fang lors du Forum sur la nouvelle économie. «Tout ce qu’il faut, c’est de la bonne volonté des deux côtés et une bonne volonté des deux côtésLors d’une réunion d’information mercredi à Beijing, le porte-parole du ministère des Affaires étrangères, Zhao Lijian, a déclaré que la Chine estimait qu’il étaitimportant d’améliorerles qualités du marché des valeurs mobilières et des régulateurs et que les mécanismes de réglementation transfrontaliers étaientessentiels»Il a ajouté que la Chine avait par le passé contacté la SEC et d’autres autorités et n’avait jamais empêché aucun audit parce qu’elle s’est engagée à créer un environnement sain.Les listes d’actions chinoises ont attiré l’attention de Trump, alors qu’il intensifie ses attaques contre la Chine à cause de la pandémie de coronavirus et d’autres griefs La semaine dernière, il a signé une ordonnance interdisant les investissements américains dans des entreprises chinoises détenues ou contrôlées par l’armée Le travail de la SEC sur une proposition a été rapporté plus tôt par le Wall Street JournalLa lutte pour les inspections d’audit remonte à la loi Sarbanes-Oxley de 2002, qui a remanié la réglementation des audits des entreprises publiques après l’effondrement d’Enron Corp. et WorldCom Inc La loi a mis en place le PCAOB et l’obligeait à effectuer des inspections régulières des cabinets qui examinent les livres des entreprises Bien que cela s’applique aux entreprises du monde entier si elles utilisent le US marchéset plus de 50 juridictions étrangères autorisent les examensla Chine a refusé de se conformer, invoquant des règles de confidentialité strictesUS et les responsables chinois ont échoué à plusieurs reprises à trouver un compromis Dans l’intervalle, les entreprises chinoises ont continué à entrer en bourse via US les bourses alors que la loi américaine est ignorée Ils ont levé environ 12 milliards de dollars en introductions en bourse cette année, le plus élevé depuis 2014, lorsque Alibaba a fait ses débutsLe rapport du groupe de travail du président, qui est à l’origine de l’action de la SEC, recommandait que des bourses telles que la Bourse de New York et le Nasdaq établissent des normes améliorées pour empêcher la cotation des entreprises qui n’adhèrent pas à US règles Le rapport a appelé la SEC à adopter de nouvelles règles, mais a déclaré qu’elles ne devraient pas entrer en vigueur avant janvier 2022 pour éviter les perturbations du marchéUS L’exposition des investisseurs aux actions chinoises augmente, selon la SEC Plus de 150 entreprises du pays, d’une valeur combinée de 1 USD2000 milliards, négociés sur les bourses américaines à partir de 2019Une nouvelle répression de la part de l’US pourrait donner un coup de pouce aux bourses chinoises et à celle de Hong Kong Le centre financier a déjà connu une série de retours à la maison de la part de mastodontes chinois tels que Netease Inc et JDcom, qui ont cherché des listes secondaires dans la ville dans un contexte de tension accrueLes entreprises qui cherchent à exploiter le US pour les clients ou une visibilité accrue voudront probablement se conformer, mais ceux qui ne considèrent pas l’Amérique comme un marché cible pourraient déplacer leurs annonces vers des endroits comme Hong Kong, a déclaré Benjamin Quinlan, PDG de Quinlan & Associates, consultant en stratégie à Hong KongJe pense que les échanges de Hong Kong en particulier ainsi que certains des échanges locaux et nationaux en Chine seront les principaux bénéficiaires”, a déclaré QuinlanLes analystes disent également qu’il y a beaucoup d’argent en Asie pour soutenir les listes, à la fois dans la région et à l’étranger «Certaines de ces sociétés chinoises sont très compétitives, ont connu une forte croissance et ont tiré parti de certains thèmes très passionnants du futur», a déclaré Chetan Seth, stratège actions Asie-Pacifique chez Nomura Holdings Inc «Je m’attends à ce que les investisseurs mondiaux s’intéressent toujours à certains de ces noms Radiations potentielles de US les échanges ne devraient pas avoir d’incidence importante sur les fondamentaux des entreprises»(Mises à jour avec le commentaire de la Chine au 11e paragraphe, analyste dans le troisième au dernier paragraphe) For more articles like this, please visit us at bloombergSubscribe now to stay ahead with the most trusted source of business news© 2020 Bloomberg LP

Les actions de Costco Wholesale Corporation (NASDAQ: COST) se négocient à la hausse lors de la séance de pré-commercialisation de mardi après l’annonce d’un dividende spécial de 10 dollars par action lundi après les heures normales de travail Le dividende sera d’environ 4 $4B au total et sera éligible à tous les actionnaires à compter du 2 December, payable le 11 décembre Costco a déclaré que ce nouveau dividende sera financé par les liquidités existantesSuite à cette annonce, le directeur financier de la société, Richard Galanti, said: «Ce dividende spécial, notre quatrième en huit ans, est notre dernière étape pour récompenser les actionnaires. Notre solide bilan nous permet de verser ce dividende, tout en préservant la flexibilité financière et opérationnelle pour continuer à développer notre activité à l’échelle mondialeBien qu’il s’agisse de la première déclaration de dividende spécial de la société depuis avril 2017, le détaillant a déclaré un dividende trimestriel de 0 $70 par action, up from 5 cents, en avril 2020 In 2017, Costco a déclaré un dividende spécial de 7 $ par action, précédé du dividende de 5 $ par action annoncé en 2015 Costco fermé 025% plus élevé lundi pour un prix de 379 $79, ce qui fait grimper le stock de plus de 29% depuis le début de l’année et de plus de 6% ce mois-ciSeulement environ 2% des sociétés de l’indice Russell 3000 ont versé des dividendes spéciaux jusqu’à présent cette année Suite à la volatilité des marchés liée à la pandémie, plusieurs entreprises ont annoncé la suspension ou la retenue de leur dividende Certaines de ces sociétés comprennent Wells Fargo & Co (NYSE: WFC), Dick’s Sporting Goods Inc (NYSE: DKS), Gap Inc (NYSE: GPS), Boeing Co (NYSE: BA), Carnival Corp (NYSE: CCL) et Las Vegas Sands Corp (NYSE: LVS) – pour n’en nommer que quelques-uns Dans tout US marchés, les paiements de dividendes courants ont diminué de plus de 42 milliards de dollars par rapport à la même période il y a un anVoir plus de Benzinga * Cliquez ici pour les transactions d’options de Benzinga * La minute du marché du lundi: L’optimisme abonde * La minute du marché du vendredi: la croissance par rapport au point d’inflexion de la valeur (C) 2020 Benzingacom Benzinga ne fournit pas de conseils en investissement Tous les droits sont réservés

Les actions des semi-conducteurs ont connu une année 2020 abondante Le baromètre global de l’industrie, le SOX (l’indice PHLX Semiconductor) a ajouté 38% depuis le début de l’année, dépassant facilement les 12% de rendement du S&P 500 Le secteur a été mené par plusieurs surperformants, parmi lesquels Nvidia (NVDA)À l’approche des résultats FQ3 de mercredi, le leader du GPU affiche des gains de 128% depuis le début de l’année, la société ayant pleinement profité des tendances conduites par Covid-19Avant l’impression, l’analyste de Rosneblatt Hans Mosesmann s’attend à ce que Nvidia publie des chiffres accrocheursNous cherchons à ce que la société affiche un rythme et augmente à nos estimations / consensus pour le trimestre de fin d’octobre et les perspectives de janvier”, a déclaré l’analyste 5 stars. The analyst added: «Nous voyons Nvidia bénéficier de thèmes / tendances clés au cours des prochains trimestres / années, y compris un cycle de calcul GPU du centre de données pluriannuel, la transition vers une société de propriété intellectuelle« douce »et un changement de produit vers les données centre à court terme et des ventes de logiciels en augmentation et récurrentes dans le secteur automobile à long terme«Le succès de Nvidia est dû aux performances exceptionnelles de ses deux principaux segments: les jeux et les centres de données Mosesmann s’attend à ce que les revenus du jeu augmentent de «20% t / t», stimulés par les PC «restant la plus grande plate-forme de divertissement et l’adoption continue de RTX«L’analyste estime également que le lancement de nouvelles consoles pendant la période des fêtes se révélera être un catalyseur supplémentaire.L’autre segment de haut vol de NvidiaData Centerdevrait également afficher de solides résultats Mosesmann prévoit une «croissance q / q faible à moyenne à un chiffre», basée sur une «forte traction d’Ampère» et la poursuite du vent arrière de la WFHAlors que les jeux et les centres de données sont traditionnellement les principaux soutiens de Nvidia, les prochaines années pourraient voir un troisième segment se manifester Après un 1S20 difficile et durement touché par Covid-19, Mosesmann s’attend à ce que le segment automobile de Nvidia affiche une reprise, in «stagnant à légèrement en hausse t / t», avec une nouvelle reprise au cours du trimestre de janvierEn conséquence, Mosesmann évalue NVDA partage un achat avec un objectif de prix de 600 $, ce qui implique une hausse de 12% compared to current levels. (Pour voir le bilan de Mosesmann, click here) Parmi les collègues de Mosesmann, il y en a beaucoup qui soutiennent sa thèse optimiste La note consensuelle Strong Buy de NVDA est basée sur un score retentissant de 26 achats contre 4 prises et 1 vente À 584 $63, l’objectif de prix moyen suggère une hausse d’environ 9% dans l’année à venir (Voir l’analyse des actions de Nvidia sur TipRanks) Pour trouver de bonnes idées de négociation d’actions à puce à des valorisations attrayantes, visit the best stocks to buy from TipRanks, un outil nouvellement lancé qui réunit toutes les informations sur les actions de TipRankAvertissement: les opinions exprimées dans cet article sont uniquement celles de l’analyste en vedette Le contenu est destiné à être utilisé à des fins d’information uniquement Il est très important de faire votre propre analyse avant de faire tout investissement

Le fondateur de Bridgewater Associates, Ray Dalio, a demandé et reçu une dose énorme de «franchise radicale» mardi

Les contrats à terme sur Dow Jones étaient au centre des préoccupations mardi, alors que le rallye boursier vise des records Tesla a bondi près d’un point d’achat, tandis que Nio a plongé sur les bénéfices

Nio a dépassé les estimations du troisième trimestre et a donné de solides indications mardi soir, après que l’ennemi chinois émergent de Tesla soit devenu la cible d’un vendeur à découvert

Alors que la FAA prévoit de recertifier le (BA) 737 MAX pour un vol commercial – Wednesday, according to press reports – les investisseurs doivent se demander ce que vaut le MAX pour l’action dans un monde post-pandémique En regardant les chiffres, la recertification est probablement un petit événement de stock Boeing et ses clients aériens qui utilisent le MAX n’étaient pas immédiatement disponibles pour commenter

(Bloomberg) – Les gestionnaires de fonds supervisant 526 milliards de dollars sont les plus optimistes qu’ils aient été cette année après l’US résultat des élections et progrès sur un vaccin, ce qui a suscité un appel de Bank of America Corp stratèges qu’il est temps de commencer à vendre des actifs à risqueL’enquête mensuelle, menée en novembre 6 à novembre 12 a vu l’optimisme des investisseurs à l’égard des actions monter en flèche, l’allocation atteignant son plus haut niveau depuis janvier 2018 Les avoirs de trésorerie ont plongé au plus bas niveau depuis avril 2015, tandis que les attentes de croissance économique ont atteint un sommet de 20 ans Les investisseurs se sont emparés d’actifs plus volatils, such as small caps, the value, emerging market banks and equities, While moving away from bonds and commodities BofA poll confirms jubilant mood in the market since Joe Biden won the US presidential and following promising results for a Covid-19 vaccine developed by Pfizer Inc and BioNTech SE feed the appetite for actions in the world But while the S&P 500 reached a record level, fund managers need to consider whether it is worth taking profits or staying invested for potentially even more returns”The reopening of the rotation may continue in the fourth quarter, mais nous disonsvendre le vaccindans les semaines ou les mois à venir car nous pensons que nous sommes proches duplein taureau “”, ont déclaré mardi les stratèges de BofA dirigés par Michael Hartnett dans une note de mardi. L’optimisme des investisseurs sur les actions augmentant fortement, a «processus de dépassement est en cours», ont-ils déclaré.Les allocations aux actions en novembre ont augmenté pour atteindre une surpondération nette de 46%, proche de «l’extrême haussier», selon BofA Les hedge funds ont également maintenu une forte exposition aux actions, à 41%Parmi les investisseurs interrogés, 91% s’attendent à ce que l’économie soit plus forte au cours des 12 prochains mois et 66% pensent que la croissance mondiale se trouve dans une phase de début de cycle plutôt qu’une récession. Les gestionnaires de fonds n’ont pas non plus été aussi optimistes dans leurs prévisions de bénéfices mondiaux depuis 2002Alors que la deuxième vague de Covid-19 reste le plus grand risque extrême, les gestionnaires de fonds interrogés par BofA s’attendent désormais à ce qu’un vaccin contre le virus crédible soit annoncé d’ici la mi-janvier 2021, par rapport aux paris du mois dernier à la mi-février. It's total, 190 gestionnaires de fonds ont participé à l’enquête mondiale BofAParmi les autres faits saillants de l’enquête de novembre: un record net 73% of investors expect steeper yield curve Among the world's most congested transactions, long tech stocks still top the list, followed by short banks and long corporate bonds Net 24% of investors surveyed expect value stocks to outperform growth stocks , highest since February 2019 Among the assets that investors expect to outperform next year, emerging markets, S&P 500 and oil tops the net list 6% of fund managers say they take higher than normal risk levels, highest level since January 2018 Allocation à US les actions ont augmenté de 4 points de pourcentage pour atteindre une surpondération nette de 23%, tandis que l’allocation aux actions de la zone euro a chuté de 8 points de pourcentage pour atteindre une surpondération nette de 18% L’exposition aux marchés émergents augmente, avec un net 36% des investisseurs surpondérant les actions émergentes, ce qui en fait la région préférée de l’enquête , alors que la plus grande proportion jamais enregistrée a déclaré que les devises émergentes étaient sous-évaluéesK les actions restent la plus grande sous-pondération de l’enquête Pour plus d’articles comme celui-ci, please visit us at bloombergSubscribe now to stay ahead with the most trusted source of business news© 2020 Bloomberg LP

Le prix du Bitcoin a dépassé 18000 $, ce que certains experts attribuent aux événements mondiaux et aux fondamentaux haussiers de la crypto

Canon, reflex numérique, monture d’objectif Canon EF, appareil photo à objectif interchangeable sans miroir, objectif zoom

News – FR – Meilleures offres du premier vendredi noir de Canon (2020) Review by Spending Lab
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Top Canon Early Black Friday Offres (2020) reviewed by Spending Lab
Offres du vendredi noir sur les objectifs Canon (2020): zoom anticipé, macro, telephoto & plus de ventes d’objectifs Canon par rapport au commerce de détail
Save 125 £ sur le dernier zoom trinité EF et RF de Canon& # 39; lenses

Source: https://finance.yahoo.com/news/top-canon-early-black-friday-190000255.html

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