Une équipe de recherche de l’Université Northwestern a découvert qu’un ruisseau stellaire dans la galaxie de la Voie lactéeà laquelle appartient notre planèteabrite un grand amas d’étoiles nées au même moment et voyageant dans la même direction

Alors que les chercheurs savent depuis longtemps que les étoiles se forment en groupes, la plupart des amas connus sont de forme sphérique Ce n’est que récemment que les astrophysiciens ont commencé à trouver de nouveaux modèles dans le ciel Ils croient que de longues chaînes d’étoiles étaient autrefois des amas serrés, progressivement déchirés et étirés par les forces des marées.

The Milky Way is home to 8 292 recently discovered stellar streams, all named Theia Mais Theia 456 is special

The Northwestern University team announced the new findings in a study presented at the American Astronomical Society's last meeting on 15 January

During the study, the team discovered that all of Theia's stars 456, estimated at around 500, were born at the same time and travel in the same direction across the sky

“Most star clusters form together What is exciting about Theia 456, it's not a small group of stars together: it is long and stretched », said Jeff Andrews, Northwestern University astrophysicist and team member in a report posted on the university's website.

Andrews attributed the new discovery to more advanced instrumentation and technology that improved researchers' ability to extract data

“We have found that stars exist in more structures than clusters They often form these streams across the sky Although we have known for decades, we start to find hidden ones », did he declare

Spanning more than 500 light years, Theia 456 is one of those hidden streams Because he dwells in the galactic plane of the Milky Way, it is easily lost in the back of the galaxy of 400 billion stars

Most stellar currents are found elsewhere in the universe, by telescopes pointed away from the Milky Way

“Now, we start to find these flows in the galaxy itself It's like finding a needle in a haystack; or, in that case, find a ripple in an ocean Finding these flows seems much easier from outside the galaxy », explained Andrews

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News – FR – Houses of the Milky Way 8 292 Recently discovered stellar flows
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Houses of the Milky Way 8292 Newly discovered stellar streams
Star sisters: About 500 stars born together in Theia 456 now move together
Star sisters: Chain of Milky Way stars born at the same time move together
A flow of nearly 500 stars in the Milky Way is actually a family

Source: https://english.aawsat.com/home/article/2750681/milky-way-houses-8292-recently-discovered-stellar-streams

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