Posted: 13h40 GMT, 6 December 2020 | Update: 14 h 59 GMT, the 6 December 2020

Levels of a poisonous car exhaust pollutant have dropped in parts of south London following scrapping of low-traffic areas (LTN), according to a report

Nitrogen dioxide levels (NO2) were higher in 11 streets of south London when residential roads were closed and abandoned when seven Wandsworth Council projects were halted, reports The Telegraph

Four weeks of analysis revealed in board review shows pollution levels higher on major roads where congestion has increased significantly, often stopping completely during rush hour

The district hosted seven LTNs in August as part of a government campaign to promote walking and cycling after the lockdown

The trials were halted in September due to “ the impact on access for emergency services ” and “ significant and lasting traffic congestion on main roads has been identified, which raises concerns about pollution ”, according to the report of 25 pages.

The report states that the LTN led to «an unexpected and unacceptable result that forced the board to take the decision to suspend them, to take a step back and review them»

This comes amid claims that Boris Johnson has gone “ ballistic ” in a row on a controversial cycle path – and her cycling czar vowed to send the prime minister down if the council leaders agreed not to take her off.

Nitrogen dioxide levels (NO2) were higher in 11 streets of south London when residential roads were closed and abandoned when seven Wandsworth Council projects were halted, according to reports (file image, central london, 26 November)

The Kensington High Street cycle path has become the unlikely battleground between cycling fanatics and angry drivers

Last night, the argument took a bizarre turn when it was revealed that the cycling tsar of 95000 £ per year of M. Johnson had told the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea not to tear up the cycle path – and even agreed to send his boss. to be photographed taking it down

Andrew Gilligan made the extravagant offer as he desperately pleaded with transport chiefs on Kensington Road amid national fury over new cycle lanes in 250 million pounds that caused major congestion and blocked emergency vehicle traffic across the country

His decision came as the mayor of London Labor, Sadiq Khan, threatened last week to take control of the road from the conservative-controlled local authority, to restore the track and force the chiefs of the councils to reimburse the 300000 £ of public money used to put it there in the first place

Review of the LTN by the Director of Environmental and Community Services, Paul Chadwick, reveals the effect of road and cycle lane closures on pollution

He says: «The results of the comparison of the air quality data between the period monitored during the LTN showed an increase in NO2 compared to the suspension of the test This increase mainly concerned the main roads’

The report's authors say the data should be viewed with caution. “ strong warnings ”, including unusual travel patterns amid the Covid-19 pandemic and limited surveillance period

Generally, air quality surveys are carried out over six months, so that the «sampling window» of four weeks can only provide a «instantaneous», say the authors of the report (file image)

Generally, air quality surveys are carried out over six months, so that the «sampling window» of four weeks can only provide a «instantaneous», they add

The board monitored nitrogen dioxide levels at 11 locations in and around LTNs when road closures were in effect and after their termination.

Each location showed that the levels of NO2 pollution – emitted by car engines – were higher while LTNs were in effect, compared to when they were interrupted

In four areas, NO2 levels exceeded council air quality target When council abandoned the project, NO2 levels have dropped dramatically, with just a little above the recommended level, according to reports

Potential reasons for increased traffic and response times 999 slower include the introduction of cycle lanes – which means the elimination of certain lanes reserved for vehicles

Another reason for the increase in congestion could be satellite navigation and emergency services which do not “ pick up ” not the newly closed roads

A spokesperson for the Ministry of Transport said: “ As the report itself makes clear, it is impossible to draw firm conclusions from this limited data, and therefore it is misleading to suggest that the low traffic areas of Wandsworth have led to worsening air quality in the area

‘Well-designed cycling and walking programs can bring environmental and other benefits to everyone, but as we have pointed out, it is essential that appropriate consultation be undertaken with local stakeholders prior to their introduction Cycling and walking programs should be constantly reviewed, including their impacts on air quality and traffic’

The news comes as ministers promise 3 £9 million to plant more trees in cities and along rivers to reduce the risk of flooding

Funding will help Boris Johnson's government meet its goal of planting 30 000 hectares (74 000 acres) trees every year in the UK from here 2025.

A boost in cash 2 £5 million will go to the plantation in the cities, cities and countryside to fight climate change and create new habitats for wildlife

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Air pollution

News – GB – Low traffic neighborhoods make air pollution WORSE, indicates a report
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Low-traffic neighborhoods worsen air pollution: report finds toxic nitrogen dioxide levels increased when city council


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