Washington [United States], 21 November (YEARS): cold temperatures and increased vitamin A encourage fat burning, Suggests a new study published in the journal of Molecular Metabolism Weight gain and weight loss depends on our hormones But shredding fat takes more struggle than gaining People who follow strict diets and exercise programs for shredding fat may start to stall the winter season after new study found cold temperatures and increased vitamin A encourage fat burning, Fox News report says, the journal of Molecular Metabolism explored that cold temperature and vitamin A are able to convert white fat, storing excess calories in brown fat, what “stimulates fat burning and heat generation.«During the search, cold temperatures were applied to mice, which led to increased production of vitamin A and greater fat burning., Vitamin A stores are mainly stored in the liver and because cold temperatures increase levels of vitamin A and its blood transporter, retinol binding protein, she can convert white fat to brown fat, thus promoting faster fat burning., when “ vitamin A transporter retinol binding protein ” was blocked in mice, fat does “ was turning brown ” not and the mice were unable to protect themselves from the cold, reported by Fox News The results mentioned above are effective in providing a meaningful solution to various weight gain related problems such as obesity., one of the main investigators of the study, Florian Kiefer from Vienna Medical University, warned against taking large amounts of vitamin A supplements for the purpose of weight loss., MedUni Vienna, told Fox News, “Our results show that vitamin A plays an important role in the function of adipose tissue and affects the overall energy metabolism., this is not an argument for consuming large amounts of vitamin A supplements if they are not prescribed, because it is essential that vitamin A is transported to the right cells at the right time.”While describing the effectiveness of the new technique, she added:” We have discovered a new mechanism by which vitamin A regulates fat burning and heat production in cold conditions. This could help us to develop new therapeutic interventions exploiting this specific mechanism.”(YEARS)

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News – FR – Vitamin A, cold temperatures help burn fat faster, suggests a study
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Vitamine A, cold temperatures help burn fat faster, suggests a study

Source: http://www.businessworld.in/article/Vitamin-A-cold-temperatures-help-in-burning-fat-faster-suggests-study/21-11-2020-345233

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