Maya Darwiche is the founder of MD-Esthetics, a beauty salon that offers beauty and permanent makeup services With more than 20 years of vital experience in the sector, there is no doubt that maya is one of the best in the business today, she is a PMU expert (permanent makeup and cosmetics) internationally certified and one of the most trusted natural beauty service providers. So, when did beauty enhancements become such a common practice? More important again, what exactly are we referring to when we talk about «cosmetic services»?

Beauty cosmetics is a growing and evolving industry Due to this innovation, conventional beauty techniques and practices are continually improving and adapting These are some of the most common cosmetic services (and the less common) approved by expert beauticians such as Maya Darwiche

Microblading is a standard but innovative makeup treatment designed to lighten eyebrows Some people tend to over-pluck their eyebrows, which can lead to hair loss around the eyebrows Medical conditions (such as alopecia), age and specific medications can also cause hair loss. If any of these scenarios resonate with you, Maya Darwiche recommends continuing microblading

Using a sterile hand tool and precise needles, a skilled esthetician like Maya will gently engrave «fur» natural looking on the skin This process can help rebuild lost shape and structure of the eyebrows Pigment color chosen will depend on your skin tone and color

Eyebrow shading is often provided in conjunction with microblading This is fantastic if you want to create a soft look on the eyebrows and the treatment is not at all invasive MD-Esthetics are experts in their field and all that. what this treatment involves is for your esthetician to gently deposit the color pigment evenly on your eyebrows. This technique is much more realistic than tattooing, which was the industry standard for a long time

Semi-permanent eyeliner refers to when your beautician places a very thin eyeliner tattoo between your natural eyelashes.It has the effect of making your eyelashes thicker, which ultimately improves the color and shape of your eyes If you are not satisfied with the result, you can always apply makeup on top to change the effect or shade

An eyelash lift is one of the most popular novelties in the industry, especially if you want fresh and luscious eyelashes Wholesale, your beautician bends the natural eyelashes upwards, giving your eyelashes more height, length and volume! Using water-based glue and lotions containing keratin, your beautician will lift your eyelashes in a beautiful position

The last entry on our list is scalp micropigmentation Also known as hair tattooing, this process gives the illusion that the client has a perfect fit. The procedure is also great for concealing scars from hair transplants or for covering bald spots With the appearance of denser hair., you will not be able to deactivate the scalp micropigmentation of MD-Esthetics by Maya Darwiche

Permanent makeup

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The rise of beauty enhancements and Maya Darwiche
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