Rocket League is one of the titles that is supposed to give the latest consoles a bit of a boost at the end of the year., for example, the sports game will receive a patch on Xbox Series X allowing the game to run at 120 frames per second For now, la PlayStation 5 not expected to receive a similar update Sony's new console will run the backwards-compatible version of Rocket League Checkered 4K and 60FPS instead – just like PS4 So, why the success of Psyonix does not receive the same treatment on the two new consoles? Apparently, this has something to do with how backward compatibility works on PS5

In a blog post earlier this week, the studio explained that the next patch on Xbox Series X will add a setting “Video quality” The new feature should allow players to choose between quality and performance options, the first of which will see the title run «to a resolution of 2688 × 1512 (70% full 4K) at 120 FPS with HDR» on Microsoft's high-end Xbox. Psyonix’s recap of what to expect from Rocket League on PS5 had no update details when asked for clarification by Push Square, the studio's senior communications manager, Stephanie Thoensen, disclosed the following:

For the time being, we have nothing more to share on additional PS5 plans, but can we shed more light on the why This year, The main focus of our team was our recent transition to free-to-play and the update of major features such as our tournament system For this reason, we had to make tough decisions about what else we could accomplish Activating 120 Hz sur Xbox Series X | S is a minor fix, but its activation on PS5 requires a full native port due to the way backward compatibility is implemented on the console, and unfortunately was not possible due to our focus elsewhere

It would therefore seem that the activation of 120 frames per second on the X series requires a relatively easy fix to develop Meanwhile, making the feature work on PS5 would require comparatively Herculean effort, what Psyonix doesn't exactly have time to tackle right now. It is not known if this will change or not on the line

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News – FR – The Rocket League feature 120 FPS is not available on PS5 the way backward compatibility is implemented
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Rocket League Won& # 39; t Executed at 120 ips on PS5 due to & # 39; How backward compatibility is implemented = Rocket League Won& # 39; t Support 120 FPS on PS5 due to console backward compatibility& # 39; s “> Rocket League Won& # 39; t Support 120 FPS on PS5 due to console backward compatibility Features
PS5: Why the n& # 39; t Does Rocket League run at 120 ips?
Here& # 39; s Why Rocket League Can& # 39; t Run at 120FPS on PS5


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