December brought us some pretty epic celestial events – including the cosmic miracle known as the Christmas star – but there is another show you I wanna catch before I say goodbye to 2020 The cold December full moon rises on Tuesday evening, December 29, and it's gonna be pretty special Not only is it the last full moon of the year, but it is also known for its high trajectory in the sky, which means it will stay above the horizon longer than any other full moon.

While the moon will reach its maximum illumination at 10:30 am ET on Tuesday, you should start to see it just before sunset, according to The Old Farmer’s Almanac If you are wondering exactly when it will appear in your area, check out the almanac's moonrise calculator for a specific time Make sure you're on the lookout for December 29, and get ready to admire the last full moon of the year

While 2020 coming to an end, the solar system has decided to give us a cosmic Christmas miracle that has not been seen for nearly 800 years In December

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TikTok users have ​​encouraged their followers to come forward and meditate in December 21 because of this rare phenomenon

“The 21 December, if you look west just after sunset, what you should see, it is that Jupiter and Saturn are moving closer to each other than they have been throughout the life of this planet”, says astrophysicist Jackie Faherty

It may not be the most wonderful year, but that doesn't mean we can't enjoy the happiest time of the year And even though we can't celebrate the holidays like “normal ” (i could probably use a year

It's a universally recognized parenting truth that Elf on the Shelf is the bane of so many holiday seasons But alas, here we are mid-December: there is a good chance that, if you are a parent, you took out the Elfie Maybe you have a love-hate relationship (or, OK, a hate-hate relationship) with the crafty little guy But chances are, […]

The traditional holiday season starts this weekend, but COVID travel will be anything but traditional at airports and on airplanes

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“The 21 December, if you look west just after sunset, what you should see, it is because Jupiter and Saturn are getting closer than they have been in the life of anyone on this planet”, says Jackie Faherty, Astrophysicist at the American Museum of Natural History This great conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn has been called «the Christmas star», not only because of its festive timing, but also because of the links that some experts theorize that the historical event could have with the astronomical phenomena of the past «What happens in astronomy, which looks really cool to me, is that we can go back through historical texts and we can locate when someone said something in a story or folklore that we can relate to an astronomical event», she says «A biblical story told around Christmas is that of three wise men guided by a star»Faherty explains that because the atmosphere tends to distort the way things appear, and 2 things are close to each other in the sky, they can appear mixed in a single point of light. «In that case, the idea of ​​the Star of Bethlehem could very well have been a great conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn, which is bright and shiny and no one would miss it. ”The next time you expect a Jupiter conjunction & Saturn who resists it, it's in 2080, and not before 2417, you might want to catch it while you can

Canceled reading dates Wearing constant masks Months without hugging grandma and grandpa Uh, no more school in person?!? Yeah, this year has been a doozy for the kids, to say the least But now with COVID-19 vaccines

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Full moon, December

News – GB – The last full moon of 2020 will be pretty – Here's how to see it
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The last full moon of 2020 will be pretty – Here& # 39; s How to see it
When to see the cold full moon — The last full moon of 2020
December The cold full moon of & rises between Christmas and New Years & # 39; s


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