11th Generation Intel Rocket Lake processors are not expected until 30 March However, some retailers are already shipping orders Chiphell forums user got their hands on a retail Core i7-11700K, and it looks like Intel uses a concept of memory overclocking similar to the Infinity Fabric Clock (FCLK) d’AMD, but with Rocket Lake chips.

If you are not familiar with AMD Ryzen processors, many of which are on our list of the best processors, the FCLK dictates the frequency of the Infinity Fabric, which serves as an interconnection between the chips. Setting this value allows you to hit higher memory frequency overclockings Default, the FCLK is synchronized with the clock of the unified memory controller (UCLK) and the memory clock (MEMCLK) Obviously, you can run the FCLK in asynchronous mode, but this will result in a latency penalty which will negatively impact performance.

Since Rocket Lake is not yet officially released, we are not completely sure how Intel's representation of FCLK memory overclocking will work The BIOS screenshot shows two modes of operation for the IMC CPU (integrated memory controller) and DRAM clock on MSI's Z490I Unify Apparently, Gear 1 works both in a report 1: 1, while Gear 2 put them in a report 1/2: 1 This is similar to how FCLK works on Ryzen processors

According to the author of the forum post, its retail Core i7-11700K seems to be hitting a wall at DDR4-3733, suggesting that DDR4-3733 is the limit at which Rocket Lake BMI can operate in a ratio of 1: 1 with the memory clock Retrospectively, the majority of Zen processors 2 of AMD evolve towards an FCLK of 1 800 (DDR4-3600), some samples reaching an FCLK of 1 900 MHz (DDR4-3800). If Rocket Lake has the same limits, he will lose points since the latest Zen processors 3 of AMD peaked at an FCLK of 2000 MHz (DDR4-4000) before breaking synchronous operation.

It is too early to judge whether DDR4-3733 is a built-in silicon hard cap from Rocket Lake itself or simply the product of early, unoptimized microcode.It should be noted that the user performed their tests on a MEG Z490I Unify motherboard so proper firmware is needed for Rocket Lake to work properly. Forum user Chiphell provided RAM benchmarks that would show the impact on performance

With a DDR4-4000 memory kit with timings 18-20-20-40 1T in asynchronous mode, the user has a latency of 613 nanoseconds in AIDA64 Switching to DDR4-3600 memory that has 14-14-14-34 2T timings allowed him to reduce the latency to 502 nanosecondes, which represents a 181% reduction However, we need to take certain points into consideration On the one hand, DDR4-4000 memory kit obviously has very sloppy timings which contribute to higher latency. Moreover, the user has obviously overclocked the core i7-11700K uncore frequency to 4100 MHz on DDR4-3600, which probably also skewed the results in his favor.

We will have to wait until the Rocket Lake processors are available to fully investigate the matter., a DDR4-3733 limit certainly doesn't bode well for Rocket Lake, especially when some of the really expensive Z590 motherboards advertise higher memory support than DDR4-5000. Honestly, Rocket Lake natively only supports memory up to DDR4-3200, so anything higher is technically overclocking in Intel's book

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News – FR – Intel copies AMD's approach to overclocking memory with Rocket Lake processors
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