Une empreinte de pied faite par un grand dinosaure carnivore décrit comme unvrai géant jurassiquea été découverte sur une plage du Yorkshire

Les experts pensent qu’il a été fabriqué par un dinosaure avec une longueur de corps possible de huit à neuf mètres, ce qui correspond à l’empreinte d’un mégalosaure, who lived between 175 and 164 million years.

Mrs Woods said she was shocked to come across the imposing impression Now, she hopes it will be possible to save him before he is taken away

“I was catching shellfish for dinner I didn't collect much after seeing this », she says

“It is in a fragile state and is found near the water level, which means he could be lost in the sea

“John Oxley [former archaeologist of the city of york] came to take a series [of] photographs so that we can create a 3D model if collection is not possible”

Following its discovery, in a place kept secret, Ms Woods contacted specialists, including paleontologist Dr Dean Lomax, the author of Dinosaurs of the British Isles

Dr Lomax said Ms Woods’s discovery turned out to be a rediscovery, because it had been partially spotted by fossil collector Rob Taylor in November 2020

Although M. Taylor posted photos of his find to a Yorkshire fossil Facebook group, the fossil was not yet fully exposed and no one realized its true importance

Dr. Lomax, who grew up searching for fossils on the Yorkshire coast and has written extensively on dinosaur finds, said: “This is the largest theropod footprint ever found in Yorkshire, made by a large carnivorous dinosaur

“We know this because the shape and the three toe track, as well as the printing of the claws, are absolutely perfect for having been made by a tall theropod who probably had a hip height of about 24 meters and a possible body length approaching eight to nine meters – so a real jurassic giant

“We can never be sure of the exact nature of this species., but the type of footprint would correspond to that of a dinosaur found in Britain and called Megalosaurus, who lived around the same time that this imprint was created, in the Middle Jurassic.”

He added: “The Yorkshire coast is world famous for its dinosaur tracks, mainly thanks to the research of Dr Mike Romano and Dr Martin Whyte, who spent approximately 20 years of researching and discovering hundreds [at] thousands of tracks.”

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News – GB – Dinosaur footprint found on Yorkshire beach made by a «jurassic giant»
Associated title :
Dinosaur footprint found on Yorkshire beach made by Jurassic giant & # 39;
A footprint made by a large carnivorous dinosaur described as a " true jurassic giant" was discovered on a

Source: https://www.msn.com/en-gb/news/uknews/dinosaur-footprint-found-on-yorkshire-beach-made-by-a-jurassic-giant/ar-BB1fCNUb

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