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By working on the Beyond Light story campaign, the latest expansion for Destiny 2, you will get the new Stasis ability – a power that allows you to slow down and freeze enemies to get them out of combat and deal massive damage to them, however, to make the most of new capabilities, you will need Aspects, equip mods that give your Stasis subclass new abilities.

Your first aspect is from a quest at the end of the Beyond the Light campaign, and you will have to hunt down collectibles called entropic shards to complete it. We've covered everything you need to know and do to unlock your first aspect of stasis., while detailing the locations of each entropic shard currently found on Europa.

First of all, Explore the Beyond Light campaign Defeat Eramis and continue on the Exo Stranger's Born in Darkness quests until you have fully unlocked the Stasis subclass and its three grenades. There are many parts to it, so it will take a little

After defeating Eramis, you will unlock a new exotic quest which you can obtain from the Drifter in the Tower, called The Stasis Prototype. This will send you on a long quest to steal Fallen’s Stasis weapon technology. Check out our full Salvation’s Grip guide for how to get the pistol – you will need it to proceed to the next step

After finishing with Born in Darkness and The Stasis Prototype, You will get a questline titled Aspect of Control Your objective here is to destroy five entropic shards around Europe These are smaller versions of the large diamond-shaped Cruxes of Darkness that you communicated with throughout the campaign The only way to destroy them is to use the hilt of salvation, so make sure you bring it

Entropic shards are found in various places in Europe and are generally hidden There are nine entropic shards in total, but only eight are currently available in the world Destroying Them unlocks Triumphs and Lore Book entries, and count towards earning the Beyond Light Triumph seal Here's where to find each fragment

Head to the west side of Cadmus Ridge, near the entrance to Bray Exoscience, to find your first shard It's snuggled up next to an ice shelf; look for a series of antennas on a platform above you in the middle of a small space Entropy Shard is nearby, at the street corner

Ensuite, go to the Asterion Abyss and enter the Lost Sector of the Hidden Void. Fight your way through the entire Lost Sector to the boss room, a bronze-colored Vex structure filled with Fallen When It's Clear, look in the center of the room to see the entropic shard floating above you

Right outside the entrance to Concealed Void, you will find a Vex structure in blocks Climb on it – you can find an ice shelf that provides easy access from the east side Head to the west side to find the shard, who is against one of the walls

Now head to the Eventide Ruins area and enter the Lost Sector of Bunker E15, located roughly in the center of the region. Fight through the area until you come to a room with a large glass window that you will pass through before entering. Inside is a whole bunch of Vex, as well as three Vex cages with Braytech safety frames locked inside Finally, a cyclops Vex will appear – this is how you know you are in the right place From where the cyclops appears, turn around and look back towards the entrance to the room, then up and around the corner It's hard to spot, but the entropic Shard is nestled in the ceiling scaffolding

Head east from the entrance to bunker E15, towards the exit of the path that leads you from the Eventide ruins to Asterion Abyss Look for a building with a red cube structure on top and a sphere next to it Approach south and look under the mangled steel frames to find a shard hidden in below – this is another difficult to spot

Head north towards Riis-Reborn and drive through town You will ride a gravity lift to enter the area Finally, you will arrive in a room with two exits, one on the left and one on the right The correct door is the one you want, and you have to remember that it is sealed with Stasis if you have already opened it Just beyond, there is another gravity lift at the top, look under the scaffolding walkway with the stairs to find the fragment

Keep following the path from the second gravity lift and you will soon come to another corridor with two paths – a door to the right and a corner that takes you to the left and more teleporters Take the right door to enter Kell’s Rising, the main part of the city You will have come here during some parts of the countryside, including the final mission to unlock the hold of salvation. You will have to keep moving around the city until you reach the point where you start climbing the rooftops Keep moving forward and you will eventually run out of places to go, by stopping on a large open landing where you have already fought a fallen spider tank Your back to where you just came from, jump to the roof on the right side of the arena and check under the small staircase to collect your shard

It's a long walk to get the last shard Come back through Kell’s Rising to that fork where you took the right door, and instead, follow the corridor to the left. This will teleport you to Technocrat’s Iron, the factory that you previously attacked and sabotaged during the campaign Continue to move around the area, beyond the section with the railway tracks, until you reach the big dead end arena at the end This is a big boss room where you fought a huge fallen brig, and you will know it thanks to the four pillars which are in the center Upon entering, look at the pillar closest to you on the right The last shard hovers right next to you

Once you've destroyed at least five Entropy Shards, return to the Stranger in the Hereafter to complete the Aspect of Control quest. She will reward you with a Stasis aspect; you will also unlock bonuses from him which will earn you stasis shards, which you can insert with your aspect for subclass changes and additional benefits.

You can earn two shards every week, so be sure to complete these quests and return overseas frequently to give yourself all the power of Stasis and options you can get.

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