There are many mysteries in the cosmos, but at least one of them may be a little closer to being solved Researchers can now have clues to the formation of Mars thanks to data from NASA's InSight spacecraft The information relates to rock and the ground on the surface of the planet, with seismic activity on the Red Planet offering clues to what lies beneath the surface of one of the solar system's most interesting and mysterious planets.

According to Science Magazine, (via the IGN), researchers studying the InSight spacecraft have been able to detect the limits of rock tens and hundreds of kilometers below the earth's crust. This crust also turns out to be quite thin, the planet's mantle also turning out to be a cooler temperature than Mars' molten iron core suggests. What is interesting about this information, is that they suggest that what is now the planet Mars has cooled down through the use of plate tectonics with a pattern of «ascending mantle rock and subductive crust»

The data also revealed that Mars may have a much thinner crust than what we have on Earth, and the red planet may also be made up of two or three different layers.. Researchers will need more data to further develop their theories and findings, which has so far turned out to be a bit of a challenge. The data comes from seismic activity on the planet, but the wind on the planet made it difficult to detect seismic activity The dust on the solar panels also forced the team to turn off the robotic arm of the craft, that she should use to try to push a thermal probe further into the surface. The thermal probe got stuck in the ground which was supposed to collapse when the probe was inserted Mars also thwarted the process a bit in terms of the strength of its “marsquakes” The report stated that there had been no magnitude greater than 45, something that is a little unusual, but could be attributed to various factors, including the size of the Mars faults and also the consistency of the planet's crust

“We look forward to a new stack of event detections”, declares Bruce Banerdt, Principal Investigator at InSight and Geophysicist at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

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News – GB – Researchers find clues to the formation of Mars


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