A new rumor suggests that Apple glasses could land in the first quarter 2022, and when they will, they will sport six lenses and a tracking LiDAR distance to increase VR and AR capabilities

Apple glasses will likely have an industrial design similar to other VR headsets currently on the market., s’attend Yang Weilun, JPMorgan Chase Industry Analyst, according to the China Times But it could end up being more expensive than competing headsets, because Weilun predicts that Apple will cost 500 $ to be produced per unit.

Given the complexity of the Apple Glasses specifications, JPMorgan Chase's Weilun doesn't expect them to be released until 12 at 18 month. This matches other rumors suggesting that we may not see them on the market until. 2022 or 2023, although that does not prevent Apple from announcing them first to spark consumer interest.

It's unclear exactly how Weilun's prediction of six lenses would specifically help VR capabilities and / or AR. Are they lenses to see screens or do they refer to external cameras to see the outside world? But LiDar is a simpler advantage, using Time of Flight technology to monitor distance to external objects by emitting a laser and tracking the time it takes to return

This report refers to Apple Glasses as a unique product capable of both AR and VR, but other rumors diverge as to whether there will be one or more helmets – or helmets and glasses – marketed by Apple

A recent rumor arising from a Bloomberg report suggests that Apple is developing two separate products: a headset that has more VR capabilities than AR, and which will likely look and work a lot like other VR headsets on the market, which could be launched in 2022, sources told Bloomberg That leaves genuine Google Glass-like Apple glasses, AR powered glasses, to come in 2023 as soon as possible

This timeline could match the one JPMorgan Chase's Weilun predicted, the first device being so complex that it will not come until later in 2022 or 2023.

It's harder to speculate on the price, but we can get an idea by comparing other Apple products

The cost of materials (WITH) iPhone 12 Pro to build it is to 406 USD, selon Nikkei Asia, which would represent approximately 40% of the basic telephone price of 999 USD / 999 £ / 1699 AT $. Weilun believes that Apple glasses (be it VR headsets or glasses) could have a cost of 500 $ in materials (WITH), and some basic calculations on the towels by applying this number of 40% would place the price of an Apple Glasses product at 1231 $.

It might end up being an apple-orange comparison given all the differences between Apple glasses and iPhone. 12 Pro, from components to development costs to desired margins But that's a stark contrast to this Bloomberg report which theorizes a price in line with the iMac Pro at 5 999 $ (about 5499 £, 9 999 AT $).

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News – FR – Apple Glass could land early 2022 with LiDAR tracking
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Apple Glasses could land early in 2022 with LiDAR tracking

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