GIGABYTE has just announced its new PCIe 4SSD based on 0 with super-fast speeds, with the new AORUS Gen4 7000s SSDs exceeding 7 Go / s (7000 Mo / s) read

New AORUS Gen4 7000s SSDs are powered by second generation Phison PS5018-E18 controller, which is built on the 12nm node, a 1 Go de cache DDR4 SLC et le flash 3D TLC NAND @ 1200MT / s, so we are up to 7 Go / s of readings (7000 Mo / s) and 685 Go / s (6850 Mo / s) bed with up 700 K IOPS on random reads, and until 650 K IOPS for random writes (on the player 2 To) while the reader 1 To goes to 55 Go / s (5500 Mo / s) scriptures and up to 350 K IOP for random reads

GIGABYTE starts with the standard drive and its double-sided aluminum heat sink and nanocarbon coating, what, according to the company, uses the clearance area between the motherboard slots to maximize surface area. But the high-end model has a “more extreme thermal solution” with integrated heat sinks, a superior double-sided heat sink with Nanocarbon coating and high conductivity pads

The new AORUS Gen4 SSDs 7000 will be available initially with capacities of 1 To et 2 To, but we may see higher capacity models in the future.

GIGABYTE doesn't want your new AORUS Gen4 SSDs 7000 super fast turn into a super hot and slower mess when under high load conditions, this is why the enormous aluminum heat sink of 7 mm thick filled with nanocarbon comes into play. your cool and cool AORUS Gen4 7000s SSDs

There's also an even higher-end version of the drive coming up which will be for those pushing their AORUS Gen4 SSD. 7000 at high speed all day and all night This version of the disc will feature a “rather giant cooling system with two heat pipes”, reports Tom’s Hardware

GIGABYTE explains this AORUS Gen4 7000s SSD super-beast: “For progressive M 2 users who prefer a more extreme thermal solution without installing an SSD between the PCIe expansion slots, the AORUS Gen4 7000s SSD is offered in another version of heat sink with integrated heat pipes “

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News – GB – AORUS PCIe 40 7000s SSD pushes 7 Go / s with the new Phison E18 controller
Associated title :
AORUS PCIe 40 7000s SSD pushes 7 Go / s with the new Phison E18 controller
Gigabyte announces PCIe 40 Aorus Gen4 7000s SSD
The Gigabyte Aorus Gen4 7000s SSD develops a transfer rate of 7000 Mo / s


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