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It takes the earth 24 hours to turn around its axis, however, even a world as beautiful as our planet is not perfect and the duration of its rotation can vary by a few milliseconds, Earth speeding up or slowing down

We had the impression that 2020 would never end, but it turns out that the previous year was the fastest in decades, our planet revolving around its axis until 15 milliseconds faster than usual According to the TimeAndDatecom website, 2020 me les 28 shortest days since 1960 The shortest took place on 19 July, our planet rotating 14 milliseconds less than 24 usual hours

Scientists monitoring planet rotation say trend may continue and this year may set new records Average day is expected to last 005 milliseconds less than usual The last time our planet was spinning this fast, it was in 1937 Physicist Peter Whibberley of the UK's National Physics Laboratory said the Earth is now spinning faster than at any time in the past. 50 last years

Researchers from the International Earth Rotation and Reference Systems Service (IRISH) first measure the exact moment when a fixed star passes a place in the sky They call this measurement universal time, which they then compare to international atomic time, a timescale that combines data from 200 ultra-precise atomic clocks located in laboratories around the world. The result tells scientists how far the planet has deviated from the norm

Sometimes, the Earth slows down Since the second half of the 20th century, when scientists started measuring the Earth's rotation, most days of years have exceeded the norm by a few hundred milliseconds, what prompted scientists to introduce a leap of a second to atomic clocks. Since 1972, IERS researchers added 27 leap seconds However, no leap second has been added since 2016 and if this year turns out to be shorter than 2020, scientists might even subtract a second.

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News – GB – 2020 was one of the fastest years on Earth
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2020 was one of the fastest years on Earth
Earth is spinning its fastest in decades
The Earth rotated around its axis in record time in 2020; the days were noticeably shorter
Variable speed gives the earth smaller days
Earth rotation speed& supposed to speed up
A day on Earth has become shorter than 24 hours as the planet spins faster on its axis; 28 shorter days
Scientists say Earth is spinning faster after decades of slowing down
Scientists: Even the Earth wanted that 2020 ends quickly
The earth is spinning fast, 2020 is the shortest day since 50 years – the Observer
La rotation de Earth& accelerated in 2020, we may need a " negative second bond"


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