The PS5 is now in the wild, and naturally, there are problems Here's how to fix all known issues so far

Adopting new technology is fun, but sometimes you pay the price by having to deal with issues that you might not be familiar with although the PS5 launch seems to be going well, there are some issues you should be aware of

Perhaps the problem that gained the most attention early on was a corrupted database error Most of the time, the problem seems to happen to people using Rest mode when they have an external drive connected to the back of the console.

Moreover, whenever PS5 goes through this external drive repair sequence, it ends on a black screen I have to press the power button on the console itself to force it into rest mode, then she comes back and asks me to file an error report, then start normally

When exiting rest mode, users may receive a message stating: «Database is corrupted, she will now rebuild herself”The problem seems particularly prevalent when Marvel's Spider-man Remastered is suspended

Most of the time, there does not appear to be any major damage to the machine, But it's not always the case

P1 Right now, my PS5 died at 100% I had storage rebuilding issues reported by others, but mine turned into complete errors and network problems / Sony startup and I were working on troubleshooting when he died completely So right now, I will move some content

It might be a good idea to avoid using an external drive for now until Sony fixes the problem with a firmware update.

Problems may arise when trying to transfer data from your PS4 to your new PS5 Some users have encountered error messages, extended transfer times and sometimes even data loss

The problem seems to occur mainly in people transferring data through LAN cable If you are having errors, make sure your PS4 and PS5 are up to date with the latest firmware

Some have suggested that rebuilding the database of both consoles in Safe Mode also helped resolve the issues they were having.

However, the safest option might be to avoid the transfer via LAN, do it wirelessly over Wi-Fi until Sony officially fixes the problem

Not only does the console have problems at launch, but some accessories can also give you problems When using a camera with the PS5, you may encounter the error CE-108360-8 or CE-111161-1

If you can't sign in to PlayStation Network, the first thing to do is to check the current state of the PSN if it is working normally, Sony recommends the following:

The problem can be solved, but the solution is quite drastic It involves a complete system restore of the PS5 This of course means that you will have to download all your games and apps again

To perform a system restore, go to the section “System” and click on “Reset options From here, just select’ Reset your console You will then need to confirm that you really want to perform the reset.

For a complete list of error codes and potential solutions, check out the database here Sony's Day 1 patch released, but it is unlikely that he solved enough of these problems

In the same order of ideas, if you've used your new console and find the screen reader narrator function boring, here is how to deactivate it., if you manage to get your hands on a PS5 and want to be sure you know how to charge DualSense, We're here for you

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