Nintendo's reborn little portable game has certainly caught the attention of hackers, and we were treated to a succession of feats as his secrets were unlocked one by one With relatively simple hardware, it hides potential far beyond a simple Mario game or two, and it is now at the stage of being able to flush both its SPI Flash and its internal Flash, to unlock your processor and execute an arbitrary code. The unlocking process is now sufficiently advanced to warrant a HOWTO video, to which [stacksmashing] treated us This is the beginning and it is always touted as for developers rather than gamers, but this serves to show where the work is going on this console

The console's STM32 architecture means programming hardware is fairly easy to find, although we are cautioned against using the inexpensive AliExpress type that we could use with a Blue Pill or similar Instead, the snap-off programmer supplied with an STM Nucleo board is a safer choice that many people are likely to already have

The relative simplicity of the process, as shown in the video below, has to hide a huge amount of work from multiple people It's a succession of scripts to sequentially unlock and save the different firmwares with STM payloads for each step Finally, the STM32 itself is unlocked and the saved Nintendo firmware can be returned to the device or instead a custom firmware can be created Besides the DOOM, we have already seen that there are NES and Game Boy emulators in development, and it's also fascinating to work on bare-metal games

Given the lack of custom chips in this console, it is easily possible that its hardware could be directly cloned and that Nintendo unintentionally created a new portable gaming platform for general purpose hacking. There is some material work in progress, such as increasing the size of the SPI Flash and finding unconnected USB pins, so we look forward to more interesting news this quarter.

I was curious that he warned against using AliExpress gadgets ST_link, because I have been using them daily for many months But it gives concrete reasons One is that they do not control the reset line properly (what i never wanted) and the other that they do not adapt themselves to different levels of power Another thing that I do not expect or need

So that I can sleep again at night And on a little more thinking, I only connect 4 son (33, gnd, SWD, SWC) My device has an RST pin or has one labeled as such I wonder what it does

The 3 The 3V pin in the ST-Link clone to 2 $ is just a power outlet instead of an E rail inlet / S target So you don't even need to connect 33V unless you want it to power your uC internally, the target signal / Reset is present because they use the same firmware anyway

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News – FR – A simple guide to unlocking the game and the Nintendo Watch
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A Simple Guide To Unlock Nintendo Game And Watch
You can now emulate NES and Game Boy games on Nintendo game and Watch


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