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Xiaomi fights against Samsung with the launch of its new Mi smartphone 11 This latest phone comes with many of the same features as Samsung's Galaxy S21., but above all, Xiaomi reduces it in terms of price. You can put a brand new Mi 11 in your pocket for 749 £, is 20 £ less than Samsung's entry-level flagship When you consider the cuts Samsung has to make to hit its price of 769 £ (replace glass with plastic on the back of the phone, set up with a 1080p screen, the list is long.) le Xiaomi Mi 11 seems to be an even better deal

The big question is whether Xiaomi can really match its main rival and should you invest all that money in this smartphone?? Expresscouk a mis le Mi 11 to the test and here is our full review

Right out of the box, the Mi 11 draw your attention We have taken delivery of the Horizon Blue model, that looks fabulous thanks to the anti-reflective frosted glass casing that subtly changes color depending on the angle of the light hitting it There's a pretty drastic camera bump on the back cover that might be divisive, but we love what Xiaomi has done with its rear snapper and prefer it over the outline cut design found on the Galaxy S21

Run the device, press the power button and prepare to be treated with a 6 glorious AMOLED screen of 81 inches, which is not only bright and colorful, but also offers a silky refresh rate of 120 Hz This means everything you do is stutter-free Trust us, once you have tried this technology, you will never want to go back to anything else

Like most manufacturers, Xiaomi allows you to reduce the refresh rate to 60 Hz to save battery, but we think it's worth taking the pains to eat to get this eye-pleasing experience.

The Mi 11 is one of the first gadgets to come with a screen capable of displaying a billion colors It is also sharper than the Galaxy S21, thanks to the resolution of 515 pixels per inch And you don't just need to take our word for it, the Mi 11 has already obtained the A grade as well as the gong “Better display” from the DisplayMate team

If we had a review of the AMOLED screen, it would bend slightly at the edges of the device Although that looks awesome, we still prefer the experience of typing and watching on fully flat screens This is because text and video tend to bend at the edges, which can make things quite irritating to read This is something we've criticized Samsung for in the past and pocketed this Mi 11 for a week or so hasn't convinced us that curved screens are the way to go.

Of course, with this delicious screen, the next vital part of any phone is its camera and, on paper, the Mi 11 definitely looks like a winner

There is a huge rear camera of 108 megapixels, which the company boasts that it “will create crystal-clear images with crisp detail comparable only to professional-grade DSLR or mirrorless cameras” – this is a bold statement

In reality, the Mi 11 works well, but we think the Chinese firm could slightly outdo things, because this phone will not beat a professional camera in a shoot. That said, it's a solid effort and you won't have any issues with the shots taken on this device There are also a lot of fun effects built in and a Pro mode lets you dig deep into the settings If that seems like too much of an effort, there is also a really good AI mode that does all the work for you and ensures that every frame is perfect.

This massive primary lens is joined by an ultra wide angle camera from 13 Mpx for landscape photos and a telemacro lens of 5 Mpx for improved close-ups

This triple lens system is also quite good at night, although we have seen better results on some of its rivals, especially the S21

If this is the video you want, you can shoot in 4K with perfect picture quality at 60 ips – there is even the possibility of increasing the 8K quality, although it will seriously harm your storage To help bring some cool effects to those home movies, There are six one-click AI cinema features that make artistic shooting much easier for amateur snappers.

You will find effects such as Parallel World, which duplicates and inverts your scene to give the appearance of a mirrored world, à Freeze Frame Video, which freezes and clones video frames to create the illusion that parts of your video are frozen on time These are all smart stuff and the overall camera experience is really good, especially since a lot of hard work to take perfect photos is done for you

One thing to note: there is no telephoto lens in the Mi 11, so you can forget to photograph crystal clear close-ups of your pet.

Far from this snapper, other extras worth mentioning include the amazing Snapdragon processor 888 from Qualcomm, which makes the Mi 11 extremely efficient. It’s one of the first devices to launch with the flagship chip inside and there’s really nothing it won’t be able to handle.

Liquid cooling is also included, which prevents the phone from getting too hot, especially when playing and charging at the same time

There is also a battery of 4600 mAh With light use, this phone will allow you to spend the day, but start pushing the Mi 11 with some games and shoot videos – and the power will run out very quickly Fortunately, when things dry up (and they will often), Xiaomi provides a charger for 55 W ridiculously fast in the box that can top up your handset in minutes

The Mi 11 is also compatible with the wireless charging of 50 W although this docking station is not included in the box, so you will have to go to stores if you want to take advantage of this technology.

We certainly enjoyed our time with the Mi 11, but there are some drawbacks, including a slightly irritating built-in fingerprint scanner that has a habit of being slow or just not working With the recent upgrade of its built-in fingerprint sensors in the Galaxy S21 series, this effort by Xiaomi really stands out and needs to be fixed quickly Xiaomi recently released an update for the phone and the scanner now works a little faster We will continue to test and update this review in the future

Finally, we need to tackle the software first, the Mi 11 comes pre-installed with a ridiculous amount of bloatware to sort through Boot this phone for the first time and you'll find endless games and duplicate apps that you don't want and never bother to use Of course, these can be deleted, but why Xioxmi insists on installing them in the first place (rather than offering them as optional downloads during the setup process) is incredibly baffling.

Ensuite, there are bugs In our time with the Mi 11, we ran into some weird issues that Xoami will work hard to iron out In fact, we have just updated the device to a new version of Android, so hopefully things will now start to work easier.

The appearance of the MIUI software 12 from Xiaomi is pretty good with many ways to personalize the device, including fun always-on clocks and nifty edge shine when text passes over the device., some menus are getting pretty confusing and we'd say to get the most out of this phone, you will have to be an android jedi.

ADVANTAGES • Excellent display – Ultimate performance – Solid camera – Lots of AndroidCONS customization • Battery life could be better – Slow fingerprint scanner – Software bugs

There is no doubt that the Mi 11 is a fabulous phone that offers all the high end specs you would expect from a high end smartphone In a device slightly cheaper than some of its competition, you will find a superb screen of 120 Hz, a screen of a billion colors, super-fast charging and a Snapdragon processor 888 unbelievably fast.

The design is superb, the camera works well and is compatible with the latest 5G data speeds

Don't doubt, we enjoyed our stay with the Mi 11 However, there are significant size offcuts here, including this horrible preinstalled bloatware that you will need to remove, substandard fingerprint scanner and annoying software bugs.

One more thing to note is that there is no expandable storage, so make sure you choose the right model before pressing the button “buy” The version 128 Go costs 729 £ while the model 256 Go costs you 799 £

Despite the disadvantages, the Mi 11 has everything most people want in a phone and you get all of these features at a price that seems pretty reasonable

The Galaxy S21 might want to look over its shoulder as Xiaomi has a lot going on with this new flagship and it's pretty hard not to recommend it.

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News – FR – Test of Xiaomi Mi 11: Big specs and cheaper price will worry Galaxy S21
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Xiaomi Mi 11 exam: Big specs and cheaper price will worry Galaxy S21
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