Super Mario 3D World Bowser Fury is the first major Nintendo Switch release of the year and arrives on 12 February

Although we have already heard how 3D World will run much faster than the original version of the Wii U, it appears that a number of outlets have now shared information on the frame rate and resolution players can expect in both games.

here is the summary, Courtesy of Nintendo Everything It should be noted that the resolution of Bowser’s Fury in docked mode can possibly be higher than 720p (the source does not clarify the anchored and portable differences)

To compare, the original 3D World game for Wii U was 720p, 60 ips

While the above details are enough to get an idea of ​​how this next version of Switch will perform, once again – Bowser’s Fury's resolution in docked mode is not yet fully confirmed If it was a little higher, it would be more than welcome

When he doesn't pay off a loan to Tom Nook, Liam enjoys reporting on the latest Nintendo news and admiring his library of video games His favorite Nintendo character was a dog playing guitar, but nowadays, he prefers to spend time with Judd the cat

Good to see it running at 1080p docked, the resolution of many Switch games is visibly dubious when switching between other consoles Although I'm not sure we should base the viability of a Switch Pro on its ability to run Wii U games

Owning the WiiU version, I still can't see myself buying this It's just a little too less effort

Nice to see it in 1080p although the art style probably makes it very similar

Oh my God no, here is 50 of 65 comments from “IT'S NOT WORTH IT 60 BUCKS AND I DON'T BUY IT” posts I wish NL would stop fussing about this game when every story on the 3D world, you get the same people posting the exact same quote it gets old fast WE KNOW, WE KNOW you're not going to buy it !!! put on a sock already and move on to other items

Such a shame re Bowser’s Fury – I mainly play my connected games. & 720p is such a step up from 1080p on a TV of 55 1080p inches evolves so well on my LG CX that it suits me perfectly, but I found Pikmin 3 at 720p at too low resolution & can only support play it in portable mode But here, you lose 60FPS playing portable so never mind, if I had to choose between 1080/30 or 720/60, I would always choose the latter; gameplay is king

With the mclassic, i don't care about resolution anymore in switching games, it improves them beautifully to 1080p with the addition of AA

@Moonlessky Hmm you got me thinking – I have one too but I never liked the effect very much as it smears the image slightly in a way that I found off-putting Maybe I could try again with Bowser's Fury Maybe that the MClassic combined with a decent viewing distance will tone things down suitably

I think people pay too much attention to numbers as long as the game works and is fun, this is what matters to me

@Dezzy sportvator already posted it climb to the top of the posts and wait more will keep coming just watch

RIP to people like me who play mostly on portable devices and want Bowser’s Fury to 60 FPS Fortunately, there is only left 3 hours to go through the story according to a pre-review article

They claim to already own the Wii U version This is obviously a different story The Bowser’s Fury expansion itself is unlikely to be worth it 60 $ But the whole package will absolutely be, if you don't have 3D World

@ andykara2003 I didn't like it at first, but i found out i was not using it properly i had my switch output at 1080p and hooked it to my 4k tv it was wrong i now have my switch at 720p to allow mclassic to do the high end instead of the dock and I hooked it to a 1080p monitor to avoid the stretch my 4k TV used to do Switch games are crisp and work fine

Guess I was expecting Bowser's Fury to run on the same engine so we get the same performance It's interesting that they dropped it at 30, must have much more complex levels and models

I am not sure I understand the point of creating a game anchored to 720 in 2021 It looks like an Xbox type situation 360 or ps3

If you don't want to re: buy the awesome game The vast majority have not purchased a WiiU and have not played this game This re: release is mostly not for 12 of us who bought it If you are in this category, YouTube bowsers are all the rage because they are very short Personally, I had a WiiU and it’s a fantastic game, with online multiplayer in a global pandemic, go play with friends i will buy it again

It gets better each time more information is shared It doesn't happen often, but luckily this is the case with my favorite Super Mario game of all time. I can't wait!

@Moonlessky Oui, I followed the same process when I received the stuff – well done for reminding me to try

I have the Wii U version, but I'm still very excited to have it on Switch It's been a few years since I played the original and it's going to be fun to replay it without having to wait for my days off to get into it Bowser's Fury sounds like a really good one bonus

finally a switching game that runs at 1080p 60fps it feels like it's been years since we had a Switch game running in 1080 60

Bowser Fury is a bit of a surprise, I know it pushes more advanced graphics but I didn't expect so much impact

3D World is pretty much expected, but I am surprised that Bowser Fury performs a little worse; I imagine it is the decision to include a large dynamic world instead of the 3D World levels that weighs on performance? In all cases, as long as the framerate is stable (and there's no reason to believe it won't) ) It should be fine

I can't wait for him to come out! 3D World has a special place in my heart and I can't wait to finally own it and play it again

@ michellelynn0976 hmno still no comments here saying it's not worth 60 $ and they won't buy it elsewhere, who cares? They voice their opinion on buying a game they probably already owned and why they don't think the game is worth 60 $, especially if someone has already bought the wii u version and the only new thing is the extension that, in itself, probably not worth 60 $

@Rhaoulos the forest (or korok forest) still causes the game to lose a significant amount of FPS even in 2021

I do a double dipping but never really played it on the Wiiu, the kids stole it and I had the PS4 and PC gaming I'm looking at right now on the shelf

I don't know why people think there will be a Switch Pro Even if there is one, no developer will ignore the installation basis of the standard switch How many specific games has the new 3DS got?

@sixrings We don't need anything, but I would love a 1080p 60FPS Super Switch in a Wii U port, it's good, but games like Witcher 3 and Doom Eternal fight over the Switch More power is absolutely welcome, my Switch looks like a total shrimp next to my XSX and my PC with a 5800X and 6800 XT in

There's no way they call it a “Switch Pro”, by the way, it's just a PlayStation-branded thing that people mistakenly assume will apply to the Switch revision 70% chances are it's called the Super Switch, 30% chances are it's something weird like “Switchii”

@FullMetalWesker You are probably right that this is due to the size of the Load large spaces area like this is taxing

The decision to halve the frame rate is, however, truly surprising It’s the first time I can think of this generation that I’ve seen Nintendo choose to do so rather than just leaving the resolution tank Even Link’s Awakening, they decided to keep the 60 fps and crazy v-sync rather than just capping the frame rate at 30 and use the available power budget to raise the resolution to 1080p And God knows Yoshi could have used an optional graphics mode to clean up blurry visuals

Stupid that they cut the fury of the bowsers at 30 fps in portable Just cut the resolution to compensate and keep it at 60 This is a screen of 6 inches, so the reduction in resolution is barely noticeable

These are not always equivalent tradeoffs Reducing resolution to increase FPS only works if a game is GPU limited Some games are CPU limited however, which means that reducing the resolution has no impact on the frame rate.

@Dezzy As they use the 3D World engine which has been configured to make the most of small level chucks to run large open levels instead with large draw distances, they have probably encountered many bottlenecks on the GPU and CPU, just being a port of the Wii U code rather than adapting to Tegra X1 doesn't help either.I guess big levels push more pull calls than the engine has been optimized and they compromise rather than work to target 60 ips in portable mode, which is terrible considering they have a portable Switch model only. I also wouldn't be surprised if this port was developed by Tose, which would largely explain all this

Ooo handheld at 60 ips, I'm disappointed! I play almost exclusively on the handheld and find that a lot of games are 30 in this mode

I never really understood the buzz around tbh framerates – I never got to notice the difference between 60fps and 30fps anyway I guess that's fine for people who care, but it's really not that bad, at least for me

I think there is 70% chances are they call it a new switch based on the new 3ds

Hear that it will go from 60 at 30 Undocked FPS for Bowser's Fury is extremely concerning I'm not sure everyone fully understands how shocking it will likely be if you say mid-game and go unanchored Hope they reported that incorrectly or that Nintendo has since done 60 FPS on handheld I really don't see why it couldn't handle it, but can handle the 3D world not anchored to 60

@Gerald We don't expect games “Switch Pro uniquement” as New 3DS did We expect an Xbox One X situation / PS4 Pro where we could get better performance when the normal Switch can't handle it

Like that, Bowsers' fury might be to 1080/60 sur Switch Pro, Breath of the Wild could be 60 fps, etc.

@Justifier games should be optimized to work better on a model “pro” I don't see Nintendo going back to old games and modifying them The model “pro” (if there is one) will launch with Breath of the Wild 2 and this game will of course still work on the original Switch (Lite) but better on the “pro”

If it's not a typo – Fury not running at higher frames and rez in docked is Nintendo being too cheap to spend hours of development optimizing No apologies We're in 2021, they had a more detailed Mario game doing this by 2017 So sick of this shit under 1080-900

@ Heavyarms55 “I think people pay too much attention to numbers as long as the game works and is fun, this is what matters to me”I do not fully understand this kind of comment, never This is a video game VIDEO I don't need 4k, I'm not a graphic design addict, but the soft, 720 visuals on a big TV, it's tiring for the eyes, and depending on the type of game (like a shooting game), the soft rez makes the game more difficult. play more, 30 against 60 fps on a rig is not crisp and feels a bit bad (or in my case, the blur of the camera rotation to 30 against 60 often tires my eyes more) And before yelling at me about frames on a platform game, all the NES and SNES games that I grew up with with DID are running at 60 years, so this is nothing new

@DAHstroy that was a response to “when do we need a more powerful switch?” Yesterday seems like a good answer since the games of 2017 sometimes have trouble

All reports say the world of Bowser’s Fury is much bigger than the worlds of Mario Odyssey The game is a completely open world

Ugh If even mario games can no longer handle 60 ips on handheld, they really need to make a pro version

Maybe not that surprisingly 720p for Bowser’s Fury, its reach seems to be beyond anything in Odyssey

@ Abes3 Me too! I spent more than 60 hours in 3D World on Wii U, mais Bowser’s Fury ou no Bowser’s Fury, I was always going to buy it again on Switch

Can't wait for Nintendo to run out of wii u games on the port so the elite wii u owners will finally shut up and let us all buy and play games peacefully

I never understand the problem with this! I play games for the gameplay not the graphics / framerate There is so little difference in this, but this is treated as if the graphics / framerate are terrible!

They just have to pull out a Switch 2 more powerful and backward compatible with Switch 1 Ensuite, developers can publish on the new platform or the old one Much like Gameboy Advance with Gameboy games or New 3DS with DS cartridges They don't even need to release it for yet 2 years to be honest

@Patendo is like going to the cinema and you can watch your favorite movie come out in standard or imax form I understand some people would never choose imax because it costs more, but if it was the same price, I'm pretty sure everyone would choose imax Either way, i watch all my favorite movies in imax because it is the best quality of a movie of course, the movie might be good on a normal screen But the better picture makes it more immersive I don't question the gameplay I wonder why in 2021 do we even have to make these choices on what would work easily at 1080p on each other Console

I think this is even more proof why we don't necessarily need a Switch “Pro” (more recently known as “Super” Switch) If it only improves SOME games, I see absolutely no reason to buy it

@sixrings is nothing like going to the movies haha ​​they do not have to consider additional factors such as processing environments, loading screens, button presses, internet connection, the multi-player, etc. Create a game that's completely different from a movie The visual difference on such a large screen is noticeable, but at home, on the television, it might not have as much of an impact Personally I don't like imax or some HD, they hurt my eyes lol

easily on all other consoles? The Switch is not a home console, so maybe lower those expectations to 1080p as standard More, not all gamers have 1080p or 4k televisions, and if they are on a handheld, it hardly makes a difference when they play.

There was an article about game developers not using the full power of the new consoles, as this would limit backward compatibility and cross play, which would have an impact on sales. Very interesting read

Graphics are very important, but 720p to 1080p is not as big or bad a gap as people think (unless you have a huge tv screen) I'm all about the gameplay and the 3D world bowser fury will be perfect for that and visually awesome for me

Oof 30fps in portable mode suuuuuucks Staying docked for Bowser’s Fury It's short anyway, so not so serious

@Dezzy Switch CPU is running at the same 102GHz, whether it is anchored or not, the GPU operates at varying frequencies depending on the docked / not anchored They did well with Odyssey

@Patendo of course on my TV I can tell the difference When I said other consoles can easily create these Nintendo-like games in 1080p, I should have been clear on consoles. I'm not even talking about the s series / x or ps5 But the Xbox One and PS3 could run all of these games better than the Switch Watch Crash Bandicoot or Sonic as examples of how they look better on the latest generation Sony and Xbox consoles

Some people may not have a 4K TV, but if you were to buy a television set 2019, this is basically what you were forced to buy since 4K was widely adopted and 1080p TVs were left for the under-crowd. 32 inches This is the smallest sales segment, so it is clear that people like to play on televisions «huge» and, Therefore, Nintendo should help make games decent for them.

A switch with 20% more power would take these games to 1080p No one is asking for the Switch to be as powerful as the current gen but it's behind the last gen Significantly behind in some cases

Just to be clear if you'd rather play a good 720p game rather than a 4K game that plays like trash That doesn't mean 720p is okay And if you support it, what is Nintendo's motivation for trying to make their games more beautiful? This is «good enough» to sell and that's apparently all that matters

@sixrings Start agreeing with you now BFury 720pDocked It's not great and watching the game, as wonderful as it is It's not exactly near a graphic powerhouse I'd love for a BOTW2 world to look like Horizon Zero Dawn or assassins creed Valhalla, also imagine with Nintendo the AI ​​they could create in a Zelda and Mario world The problem is that even a Switch Pro model would be better but not at the zero horizon dawn levels and now we are the next gen with PS5 Just imagine that Horizon Zero Dawn 2 will bring

@GannonBanned Last time I heard that Demons Ate My Neighbors is coming out this fall I'm definitely keeping my eyes peeled for it

@ Dezzy70 I agree that the switch is behind the competition I just don't understand why it has to be so far behind Besides the extra power, features like dlss and hdr could help the switch look more ps4 pro level, which is really a big step forward

I guess Nintendo won't make a Switch Pro They'll update the current model with probably a bigger screen (same resolution) and post it just as the switch, but now with xl displays Kind of like what happened after the Switch got the new model with better battery life

@sixrings haha ​​as a player for me Nintendo is perfect – the games that I like, visually great and a console in the switch that meets my needs

If the change was so bad, why are the sales so good? Not everyone is interested in the best graphics

“And if you argue that this is Nintendo's motivation”Nintendo sales are what they watch, no nintendolife comment sections I'm a happy consumer and Nintendo looks after me perfectly If you don't like it, this is good and no one is forcing you to buy But this game will sell very well and the majority of people will love it

@ sixringsPS4 Pro level would be great and hdr etc. But I doubt that even Switch 2 reach this level Time will tell

1 Online multiplayer I only played alone, so playing with my friends online will be a whole new game thanks to
2 Bowsers Fury I must defeat Bowzilla Lol
3 1080p and portable Resolution upgrade is nice, the game now works faster and I can play it anywhere instead of 10 wii u feet ❤️

@NathanTheAsian, the new Xbox and PS only improve “some” games The new Xbox game (le Medium, i'm halfway) barely guard 30 fps on the base model They're still going to sell well A better switch would level out all the framerate drops and dynamic res in the current library, lucky that “some” games are actually an important part I would buy one in the blink of an eye, until 500 £

@Patendo happy that you are happy Do others have the right to be happy too? Or are you against Porsche turbo models because you are happy with the base model? Maybe you are happy with the iPhone 12, but guess what is between a pro model and a pro max model Imagine the choices, what a concept You might be right and the cinema should close its imax screens because you are happy with the normal screen Enjoy the simple life while letting others enjoy their life

@FargusPelagius This is not a fair comparison The PS5 and XSX / XSS are next generation consoles, while the «Switch Pro» or «Super Switch» is part of the same generation as the Switch and the Switch Lite This is a review, not a successor

@JackDeschain, Unfortunately, they paused the kickstarter and relaunched it “soon” after some feedback on the beta version (I did not charge anyone) but my eyes are open and I hope for the best

@sixrings I want a pro model It's really hard to play Switch to get most Switch games to work, the destroying eye 30 FPS Beurk

But I'm still not sure I got it I'll wait and see how Bowser's fury unfolds before I make a decision

And the people who complain about a Switch Pro: knock it off It's annoying to see everyone keep repeating these FUD rumors with no substance or logic

The switch is currently in a healthy commercial state, so it does not need a revision at all “pro” Switch right now, it is in its growth phase and not in its decline phase The PS4 and Xbox One are much older and are on the way out, while the PS5 and XBX are brand new, expensive and largely unavailable

For the moment, Nintendo is in no rush to release much more powerful hardware At all If anything, this would be reserved for his successor (and that has a long time to come) and could release a smaller version of the switch for the children's market.

@sixrings wow who rocked your cage? I suggest re-reading my comments because you just made some weird claims about me in this last answer

Good luck in your keyboard war with Nintendo that doesn't meet your expectations! I'm sure they'll take everything on board

@sixrings A new switch model this year wouldn't make sense, especially due to covid and reduced shipments

Wow! Guess there won't be any bitchy and moaning This could be my favorite comment section

@kepsux Lol, decompression for this game with a sigh “I guess I have to do it I mean, that's toppling Mario 3D World at 1080p / 60fps”

@ andykara2003 Hope 720p is an error I know the graphics in Bowser Fury are probably more advanced than the base game, but it can't be much different / better than Odyssey, which usually stays around 900p if I'm not mistaken. I think they are even built on the same engine, so even though i'm really afraid it might turn out to be true, i will hold on to the hope that we can at least get 900p for Bowser’s Fury. I would be fine with that (Mais dang it, 1080p would be so beautiful !!)

720p, connected? 1080p, it's still good for now, but many of us are now on 4K TVs – not really acceptable to carry Wii U titles with so little work I prefer to have new games, tailor-made for the system Unfortunately, even some indie titles that keep the Switch viable have had performance nightmares I'll pass

Reggie admits Switch was a “product of creation or disruption” for Nintendo after poor performance of the Wii U

Video: See Zelda: Breath Of The Wild at 4K 60fps scale makes us dream of a Switch Pro

We played Super Mario 3D World Bowser Fury, and this is what we think so far

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