Posted: 22h01 GMT, 27 mars 2021 | Update: 22h01 GMT, 27 mars 2021

New York-based pharmaceutical company, Intrommune Therapeutics, recruited 32 adults with peanut allergy in a trial that saw them use toothpaste with traces of peanuts.

Oral immunotherapy, in which allergy sufferers are exposed to small doses of an allergen over time, is commonly used by allergists, but it is often hampered because users forget to take their dose

Without continuous exposure, tolerance to allergies can quickly decline Experts hope that by putting the doses in the toothpaste, they will be able to ensure that patients follow their treatment

The founder of Intrommune, Michael Nelson, stated that if the test was successful, future tests could test toothpastes containing other allergens

Scientists are testing whether toothpaste can help protect people with peanut allergies

Scientists conducted an experiment in which two groups of volunteers soaked their hands in a harmless viral solution, shaken them and dried them using paper towels or air dryers. The volunteers then took a fixed path through a hospital, touching commonly used surfaces such as elevator buttons.

Samples were taken from these surfaces and analysis showed contamination levels were ten times higher for those who dried their hands with an air dryer.

The author of the study, Ines Moura, said: “ The study was carried out in a healthcare facility and has important lessons for healthcare facilities that still have high-speed air dryers in the toilets, but the results are also relevant for public toilets with high traffic’

A Finnish study found that women aged 19 at 42 years were 15% less likely to breed in cities Researchers believe this is because there is more competition for spouses in cities, because women are generally more numerous than men.

Previous similar studies have shown that women are more likely to move to urban areas than men to cities., each percentage point increase of men in the population increases the probability of women having a child of 27 percent, against 0Increase of 4% outside the cities

Les Britanniques sont deux fois plus susceptibles d’avoir commencé à manger de manière malsaine que d’avoir commencé à faire de l’exercice depuis le début de la pandémie de Covid

Une enquête menée par le World Cancer Research Fund auprès de plus de 2 000 personnes au Royaume-Uni a révélé que 40% mangeaient plus d’aliments malsains, alors que seulement 22% avaient commencé à faire de l’exercice.

Plus d’un quart des adultes buvaient plus d’alcool L’organisme de bienfaisance craint que l’impact négatif de Covid ne conduise à davantage de diagnostics de cancer

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Allergie aux arachides

News – FR – HEALTH NOTES: les allergies pourraient faire disparaître le pinceau lors d’un essai de dentifrice
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NOTES DE SANTÉ: Peanut allergies could remove the brush in a toothpaste trial
This start-up creates toothpaste for your peanut allergy


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