PS5 unavailable Amid Sony hardware shortages and extended delivery times, Micromania now offers buyers a refund of the deposit and cancellation of their reservation. If you pre-order your PlayStation from Micromania, the brand really offers you three options

Digital versions of PS5 and PS5 have been available in France since 19 November and are a huge hit with most retailers. Both units are out of stock. Some Internet users are taking advantage of the shortage by selling game consoles at exorbitant prices on online shopping sites like eBay or LeBonCoin

One week after entering the console market, some pre-order buyers still have not received their purchases. Many retailers have yet to ship PS5s reserved by their customers for deposit. This is particularly the case with Micromania

Aware of the inconvenience of buyers, Micromania decided to contact those who pre-ordered the PS5 «You are waiting for your PS5 console and we understand your impatience while waiting for the next supplies that we will confirm to you as soon as possible. Saturday 28 November “Brand announcement, whose physical stores are about to reopen

First and foremost, Micromania offers buyers to wait “She maintains a reservation by maintaining a deposit of 50 euros which guarantees you a PS5 and we will keep you informed as soon as possible on its availability, knowing that we do our best to satisfy you as soon as possible” If Sony promises new PS5 supplies by Christmas, this is probably the safest way to get your price. However, Micromania appears unable to provide a restock date, therefore stock problems are likely to persist and be prolonged.

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The brand also offers to convert the deposit from 50 € paid at the time of booking in a voucher valid for one year on all the products in his shop Finally, for buyers who wish to purchase the console by other means, Micromania also offers a «reimbursement of this deposit 50 € At the store, directly to your credit card or by following the traditional redemption process, which option would you choose? We are waiting for your opinion in the comments

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News – FR – PS5: Micromania compensates down payments in the event of a shortage


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