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With the great upheaval of today, Niantic has released a new way to power your Pocket Monsters after leveling up 40 and beyond using the new Pokemon Go XL Candy

This new item was not available until now and represents only the latest changes made to the game by the development team..

It is part of the new extension Beyond, which allows trainers to reach the level 50 for the first time

And for hardcore fans who want to have the strongest teams, it is now an essential part of the game

For those wondering what the new item is, Pokemon Go XL Candy is a new collectible resource needed to upgrade Pokemon to a higher CP

This is the first time that coaches can achieve higher power levels than ever before, but it is not available for everyone

To get XL Candy in Pokemon Go, first you have to reach the level 40, which is a challenge in itself

The good news is that from today, you will gain more XP by catching Pokémon, by evolving Pokémon, by hatching eggs, by saving new Pokédex entries, and more

In some cases, EXP gained will be double what it was before, so it will be easier than ever to reach these high numbers.

After reaching the level 40, the best way to earn XL Candy in Pokemon Go will either be to catch Pokemon, either to convert and combine Candy into Candy XL.

There will also be other ways to get Candy XL, which Niantic has not yet confirmed but which could be linked to new events and versions of Pokemon

Improving your character will be another way to earn Pokemon Go XL Candy after reaching the level 40

According to the latest news shared by trainers, XL Candy is won after reaching the level 41 dans Pokemon Go

To reach the level 41, trainers must catch a large number of Pokémon in one day, as well as other tasks

It may mean catching 200 Pokémon per day, to win 5 gold medals and powering a legendary Pokémon 20 time

Reach the level 42 will also bring you XL Candy, just like most other level gains between level 40 and the level 50.

Two XL candies will be earned when you reach the level 45 and the level 50, offering an additional incentive among other available rewards

A message from Niantic adds: “You won't be able to power your Pokémon until you have enough Stardust and Candy, as well as Candy XL if you are trying to propel your Pokémon to very high levels.

“You can see how many Candy and Stardust are needed next to the Power-Up button Candy and Stardust costs for each Power-Up may increase as your Pokémon gets stronger”

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