Since Orange insists 5G is great, more than 1000 employees denounce an unprofitable network with a catastrophic environmental impact Good atmosphere

While mistrust of 5G is particularly strong in France, New case revealed by Bloomberg comes in defense of 5G antagonist

The media recovered a document summarizing the exchange of 1 000 employees on Plazza, the company's internal platform. Notes are discovered in which these employees ask management to stop releasing 5G. These requests were sent several times between early 2019 and start 2020

Among the arguments put forward by these employees at Orange, profitability according to them, the deployment of 5G will not really benefit operators. The main winners are GAFA and smartphone manufacturers

Mostly, according to them, 5G is catastrophic for the environment. The arguments put forward join those of a fierce community anti-5G movement in France, which Emmanuel Macron ended in mid-September 2020. He accused criticism of 5G of being an obstacle to progress.

However, a report from the Supreme Climate Council published at the end of December notes that«there is great uncertainty about the potential impacts of the spread of 5G» and to determine that «5G is likely to increase dramatically» the digital carbon footprint

More precisely, HCC believes 5G rollout will increase digital carbon footprint (15 million tonnes of CO2 equivalent in 2020) of 27 at 67 million tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent, and the Supreme Council for Children adds:

The actual methods of deployment by operators are unknown, just like the resulting offer of digital terminals and services, and their adoption by businesses and individuals

Like its competitors, Orange relies heavily on 5G, that's why the official letter was produced in response to the Bloomberg survey, Orange highlights the importance of 5G technology for the country's competitiveness and its main advantage in accelerating the environmental transition

Logical comments due to the huge investments that represent the 5G network Orange won the most blocks in the last auctions with a total amount of 854 millions of euros

Like its competitors, the operator has already launched 5G packages while the network is only available in a few municipalities in France, a hasty launch has led to a lawsuit (with SFR) for deceptive marketing practices Despite everything, the machine is working well and does not seem to stop

5g is indeed an environmental disaster, and those who will tell you the opposite are the marketing managers and / or those who have already invested in it,
All this to be faster and slower ping, on the other hand, we are not telling you that the range is ridiculous and that we will have to install a lot of antennas to have the same coverage as 4G, 4G is more than sufficient for everything, including connected cities and iots, great financial history Other in addition, the wireless ping that I don't know about you, but for me it is a total daring so the only concern is the speed but I also see that you download the 4K poorly on your phone In short, a big hoax

Check your sources first. No document on this platform mentions these messages, talk to them first before spreading fake news

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News – FR – Orange: The interest of 5G within the company itself is called into question


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