The new OnePlus family 9 is there and this time, it gets bigger with the R model joining Vanilla and the Pro. Its availability is surely limited, but it could be important in what is fast becoming the biggest of the company. market

There has been a slight increase in prices, but there is also an exciting partnership with Hasselblad and its total investment of 150 million dollars in R&D on cameras retraces our first thoughts on programming

We were lucky enough to get the OnePlus 9 and 9 Pro earlier and complete their testing.The overall camera quality has improved significantly compared to the OnePlus series 8 from last year, especially in terms of color accuracy and the new 50MP ultra-wide camera with free lens. , it is still slightly behind the competition from Samsung, Apple et Huawei

This does not mean that the Hasselblad partnership is in vain as it has not been for a long time., even comparing OnePlus to the big names in the industry might sound silly. However, at the time, the company has severely undermined competition , because it was much easier to tolerate industry flaws. These days, OnePlus charges a penny for its flagship models, which makes it very difficult to overcome the fact that the performance of the camera was not there yet. On the positive side, the device is really excellent, so maybe future software updates can improve the quality, as happened with his last two generations.

Despite its poor performance, the OnePlus series 9 offers excellent value for money.>

Some of the fastest charges on the market (wireless included with Vanilla and Pro), fast performance, a good construction, powerful stereo speakers and a solid balance between a clean Android feel and extra features

Despite the high prices, the 9 and 9 Pro are still slightly cheaper than their direct competitors in some markets.

For the second year in a row, it looks like OnePlus is deliberately disrupting its OnePlus vanilla offerings 8 cut a lot of features as well as family 9 In fact, there is a difference of 180 euros, but it's not quite a cheap phone and yet it still has a bunch of tradeoffs. There is a telephoto lens, the main drawback of OIS, and to miss out on super-fast wireless charging and Gorilla Glass's plastic frame and degraded protection is a downright insult at this price point..

We understand that OnePlus wants to sell 9 more Pro units, but sacrificing the vanilla model to make this happen could end up damaging it in the long run.

Those in India will have less reason to buy the OnePlus 9 because they have the smarter choice – OnePlus 9R based on the well-received OnePlus 8T, the 9R may be missing in the Snapdragon chipset 888, but it is not far from vanilla 9


On an order from 40000 INR (465 €), the device has OIS on its main camera, Gorilla Glass 5, maintains an OLED display at 120 Hz and runs on the powerful Snapdragon SoC 870 We would like to go around this when we get the chance.

In short, the OnePlus 9R can do everything the Vanilla does 9 can make (except wireless charging) and it's much cheaper.

Moreover, Indian prices are much lower than in Europe and the United States on all three devices, the Pro price is approximately 140 $ and the lowest price of Vanilla 9 is of 150 $.

OnePlus is trying to change its position in terms of market sectors and locations. Previously, the company was counting on strong sales of phones at lower prices than the competitive leader, and Europe was one of its strongest markets, now that she has renewed her portfolio by gradually changing her main range from high to low, with the introduction of the Nord series to cover entry level and mid-range

Ironically, this leaves free the strongest segment of history, because the company clearly feels that it is now good enough to compete with the big names for features and performance rather than having to rely on price discounts ​​

Meanwhile, there is a clear shift in focus towards India and the United States to the detriment of Europe, endangering the great fan base of the old continent. Would the victory of new fans be enough elsewhere to make up for this? Are current turbulence times better for undergoing such major changes or is it simply adding more instability to an already precarious situation?? Only time will tell if we witness a gesture of genius or a fatal error.


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