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Pine64 has now announced the PinePhone Pro Linux smartphone with a Rockchip RK3399S hexa-core processor clocked at 15 GHz, This is a power-optimized version of the popular Rockchip RK3399 processor It will provide a notable upgrade to the PinePhone Linux smartphones launched in November 2019, who, according to current standards, are quite undernourished

Besides the faster processor, the PinePhone Pro also comes with 4 GB of RAM and 128 GB of storage, which should make it a better candidate for the convergence of mobile desktops, as well as a 5 screen 95 inches with a resolution of 1440 × 720, a rear camera of 13 MP, a front camera of 5 MP, and more

I really thought the next PinePhone would come with a Rockchip RK3566 processor due to the higher efficiency of the Cortex-A55 cores with the 18/2 processor frequency of 0 GHz delivering higher performance than the Allwinner A64 Cortex-A53 quad-core processor at 12 GHz But instead, Pine64 worked with Rockchip to fine tune the performance of the RK3399 SoC to meet the necessary thermal and battery consumption envelopes, as the RK3399S was born. Pine64 also explained that Rockchip was very helpful in activating the PinePhone Pro suspend state., which allows the smartphone to receive calls and texts while preserving the battery.

Somehow, that makes perfect sense, because Rockchip RK3399 is well supported by main Linux, while RK3566 and RK3568 will require more work before most / all features are implemented The new PinePhone Pro retains many of the same features as the original PinePhone, including a similar screen (although slightly thicker), same pogo pin systems and same back cover attachment as the original PinePhone, which makes it compatible with all existing add-ons, including keyboard, PineDio LoRa, fingerprint reader and wireless charging cases

The default operating system for PinePhone Pro is Manjaro Linux with KDE Plasma Mobile, but most if not all operating systems already available PinePhone should eventually be supported, and others might come Asked about battery life, Pine64 did not yet have any energy consumption figures to provide, but expect the battery life to be equal to or better than the PinePhone for screen time and standby time.

Like most Pine64 products, the PinePhone Pro will rely on the work of the community for software support, and the first PinePhone Pro development kit is up for preorder for $ 399 plus any shipping and import taxes now with a clear focus on established developers and contributors, although newcomers with an established development record can also pre-order Tech enthusiasts with no developer experience are urged to wait a few more months for the second batch of PinePhone Pro “Explorer Edition” which should be manufactured before the end of the year and shipped at the beginning of 2022. Additional information can also be found on the product page

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It is a pity that Unisoc, in financial difficulty, has no interest or open Linux support T610 SoC tablets, T618 would be interesting phones

Anyway, anyone got references for 15Ghz limited RK3399 to share, to indicate what to expect ?

Hope Qin F21 Pro on T310 chip, f21prosprd, will hit the market Would be a fun device to run a custom kernel on The chip itself seems to ship with Linux 419 years, nothing on the main line of course

The power profile should be similar to Allwinner A64 with RK3399S clock at 15 GHz and limited voltage So we'll see what they can do with it

Quectel EG25-G – known as the modem that can't wait early enough for people to answer the call

I don't know if you allow this and don't open the software, but there are already non-telephone Rockhip handhelds, available here http://armdesignercom/RK3399_Handheld_Device/

For me, it looks more like a last attempt by Rockchip to extract an extra life from its RK3399 series rather than a conscientious effort by Pine64 to base a smartphone around a GPU of 6 years

When launching Quartz64, they said it has all the interfaces « devkit» needed to support all future non-Pro devices, so let's hope a PinePhone 2 8GB RK3566 with 5G will release with minimal fanfare when ready!

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