A new problem is reportedly emerging for PlayStation gamers 5 – especially those who might wear a watch Some users of the PS5's DualSense controller have found the device to be somewhat magnetized Although that doesn't mean much to most people, players who wear mechanical watches may want to be careful.

This information was obtained via Reddit where a user by the name of Siguchi reported the initial details The post states that although the DualSense controller may not damage your mechanical watch, the portable device absolutely gives off a magnetic charge Several users of the thread then reaffirmed this and confirmed that it was true One user even compared the DualSense to the DualShock 4 and found that the first had a much stronger load than the second.

Although this may be a source of concern for some, it does not appear that the charge emitted by the DualSense is strong enough to seriously damage a watch you are wearing. During further testing, the wire's original poster revealed that the magnetic intensity drops to fairly normal levels just a few inches from the controller. This means that even if you wear a mechanical watch, she probably shouldn't be affected

However, this whole situation is really fascinating to discover Although there is a lot more going on internally compared to previous PlayStation controllers, to learn that the DualSense actually emits a small electromagnetic field is surprising. Apparently, haptic feedback and adaptive triggers require certain forms of technology we weren't expecting

So, what do you think of this revelation? And do you worry about wearing a watch or other devices now while playing your PS5? Let me know in the comments or hit me up on Twitter at @ MooreMan12 if you'd like to chat further

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News – FR – PS5 gamer warns of weirdest DualSense controller issue yet
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