Everyone loves the Golden Keys to Borderlands 3 – they open the gold chest in front of the Marcus armory in Sanctuary III, giving you a powerful new selection of random gear every time you peek inside Well guess what? It's all a garbage now It's garbage The Borderlands 3 Director’s Cut, do you see, introduces a new resource in the FPS game in the form of diamond keys, that open up something much better than this little shoebox full of pea shooters.

You will be able to earn Diamond Keys by upgrading the new Borderlands Vault Cards 3, three of which are part of the Director's Cut add-on which should now be launched on 8 avril. Each has their own unique rewards, and they can be upgraded indefinitely once you've collected everything on them This is how you'll end up getting a Diamond Key

Once you do, you will be able to unlock the diamond armory which is located under the bridge of Sanctuary III. Once activated, you will see open shutters on each of the three walls, revealing weapons, exceptional shields and grenades. You will have a limited time to select an item from each wall, after which the shutters will close

So yes, it's essentially a bigger version of the golden chest you've known and loved from the last Borderlands games.

There is a detailed guide to how Vault Cards and Diamond Keys work on the official Borderlands website. 3

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Ian Boudreau
Senior News Editor

Posted: 30 mars 2021

Senior Editor and Former Military Public Affairs Specialist Writes on Wargames, the strategy and how the games and the military interact

Borderlands 3, logiciel Gearbox

News – FR – Borderlands 3’s Director’s Cut Adds Diamond Keys and New Loot Armory

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