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Pokémon Go is organizing a Roselia community day in February 7 of 11 am until 5 pm in your local time

The evolution of Roselia, Roserade, is the best grass-type Pokemon in the game for raiding, so it's definitely worth picking up a few while its spawn rate increases. As for other Community Days, Roselia's Shiny rate will also be increased, which will make it easier to find a

Budew, Roselia's baby form, will also hatch two-kilometer eggs Budew cannot be found in the wild, so if you want one, you will have to hatch it in an egg

Since Roselia will appear everywhere, just tap every Roselia you see until you get a shiny one You'll find one sooner or later, because the rate of Shiny during community days is raised to about one in 24

During its evolution in February 7 of 11 am until 7 pm in your local time, Roserade will learn Weather Ball and Bullet Seed None of these moves are particularly good for raids and gyms, but they diversify Roserade's movements for PvP content.

During the event, all eggs placed in the incubators will have their hatching distance reduced to 1⁄4 the usual amount Be sure to hatch any long distance eggs you have

Once you have obtained your Roserade, set it up with Razor Leaf and Grass Knot to have a hard-hitting grass type It's definitely worth accumulating a few to make a strong team

If you decide which Brilliant Roselia to evolve at the end of the day, try using one of the new search strings Sort your “mons by” recent “using the icon at the bottom right, then enter” 4 * “in the search box at the top This will let you know if you have 100% IV Roselia Most people won't be so lucky. Ensuite, you will want to type “3 *” in the search field, which will display all “recent months of 80% or more. Rate them to see which one is the best, then evolve your new boyfriend!

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News – FR – Pokémon Go Roselia Community Day Guide: start times and best moves

Source: https://www.polygon.com/pokemon-go-guide/2021/2/7/22268621/roselia-community-day-start-times-best-movesets

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