Amateur scientists help astronomers locate new gaseous planets Two exoplanets orbit a star similar to our sun at 352 light years from our planet

Planet B and Planet C, as the experts call them, orbit the star HD 152843 It's always interesting to see new planets discovered outside of our solar system HD 152843 is similar to our Sun in many ways ; however, its mass is about 15 times bigger The learned and charitable society, la Royal Astronomical Society, shared more details on recent discoveries in early June 2021.

Experts say planet B is comparable to Neptune Its mass is 34 times bigger than our planet The planet goes around the star HD 152843 in 12 days Planet C on the other hand is 58 times larger than Terra It orbits its Sun in 19-35 days approximately

If it was to compare, since both planets would be located in our solar system, they would revolve very closely around the sun

The NASA-funded project, that allows people to help find exoplanets using data from NASA's Transiting Exoplanet Survey satellite, or TESS mission, allowed citizen scientists to discover these two planets by participating in Planet Hunters TESS

Citizen scientists volunteers use TESS data to search for graphs showing the brightness of stars observed by the satellite, called light curves In the event of a decrease in brightness, this could mean that a planet passed in front of the star during orbit, what is a transit

If several people submit a similar light curve, these curves are collected by an algorithm in order to be analyzed by the researchers

In this way, more information and knowledge about this new exoplanet star HD152843 could be analyzed and compared much more easily

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News – FR – Amateur scientists help discover two new exoplanets – Optical flow
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Kansas astronomer helps discover new planet outside our solar system
Amateur scientists help discover two new exoplanets
Le programme ouvert de NASA'permet la découverte de deux nouvelles planètes
Pair of new gaseous planets have just been discovered by citizen scientists
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