Widescreen convertible laptops are heavy and inconvenient to use as tablets, with their screens fully tucked behind the keyboard But a lot of people still go for big laptops like the Dell Inspiron 15 7000 2-in 1 Black Edition for other uses With a 15 4K display of 6 inches and integrated holder for the digital pen included, it could serve as a capable canvas for digital artists But competition in this category of laptops has intensified since the last review of the Black Edition in 2019, and while the new model (1567 $99 as tested) is an improvement, incorporating one of the earliest implementations of Intel’s Iris Xe Max discrete graphics card, it cannot match the excellent HP Specter x360 15 in terms of value, performance or functionality

Dell does not currently offer a convertible version 2 in 1 of his XPS laptop 15, so that the Inspiron 15 7000 2-in-1 Black Edition is the company's highest-end widescreen convertible for consumers The moniker «Black Edition» evokes this high-end pole in the range, but this is also a literal description of the machine itself No surprise, the Black Edition is quite black, but no ink The paint, that Dell calls «Element Black», actually has a hint of sheen and appears almost silvery in bright light, as you can see below. This gives the Inspiron a sleek and modern look, rather than heavy and corporate

The Black Edition is available in the unique configuration and color scheme reviewed here But Dell also offers an Inspiron 15 7000 2-standard in-1 that lacks some of the features of its big brother (especially, no stylus included), but offers configurable components The basic model, with a Core i5 and a Full HD screen, starts at around half the price of the Black Edition Meanwhile, the Black Edition includes the high-end components you would expect from a more expensive laptop It includes a crisp 4K display with a resolution of 3840 sure 2160 pixels You also get a Core i7-1165G7 from the latest Intel processor family (11th generation “Tiger Lake”), as well as 16 GB of RAM and a spacious SSD of 1 To The Black Edition is also notable for being among the first laptops to feature Intel’s new Iris Xe Max discrete graphics processor., although we find its performance generally poor compared to Nvidia's entry-level discrete GPUs that are available on the Specter. x360 15

The Black Edition is rather large and weighs 42 books, which places it firmly above the limit of 3 books that we apply to the category of ultraportable laptops But the dimensions are not irrelevant for models with screens of 15 inches Inspiron measures 065 by 14 by 94 inches (HWD), which means it's roughly the same size as the Specter x360 15 and the Lenovo Yoga C940, its other main competitor in the 2-for-1 arena 15 inch The XPS 15 is also about the same size and weight

You can get laptops 15 inches in smaller packages, but they usually lack hinges at 360 degrees For example, the Microsoft Surface Laptop 3 of 15 inch measurement 057 by 134 by 96 inches and weighs 3£ 4 These machines are lighter and easier to hold with one hand, but since you cannot flip the screen, the added portability is not as useful This is the paradox of convertible large screen laptops, which has a few exceptions but is generally true You can have a heavy and flexible laptop or a lighter and thinner laptop that does not have a convertible hinge and therefore is not as flexible

A little extra weight should go along with a sturdy chassis, well built and well designed, and the Black Edition doesn't disappoint on this front The build quality is rock solid, with a minimum of flex in the keyboard and the screen The hinge is of satisfactory rigidity, with a screen that barely moves when you tap or draw on it

Typing on the screen is the distinguishing feature of the Black Edition (other than the striking black color scheme) You can do this with your fingers or with the included digital stylus, whose prominent part in a groove under the screen means it's always handy There's a lot to love about the stylus, that attaches magnetically to its storage station without cuddling, and even recharges its internal battery during storage It has the 4096 standard levels of pressure sensitivity that we expect from high-end digital pens, as well as tilt detection and a button to activate the eraser function in certain applications. The Black Edition digital stylus, which is not available on the Inspiron 15 7000 2-en-1 standard, also has some drawbacks It is much smaller than a standalone digital pen like Apple Pencil or Microsoft Surface Pen, so it can be difficult to use for artists already accustomed to a larger accessory Although its decagon profile prevents it from rolling off your desk when you put it down, I found it uncomfortable to hold for long periods of time The many ridges started to dig into my middle finger and index finger

Inspiron's screen is a canvas worthy of splashing digital ink on 4K resolution sets it apart from most other laptop panels, even the most high-end like the Dell XPS 13 whose base configurations come with lower resolution Full HD displays Dell says it can deliver the full sRGB color spectrum, and the colors looked really bright as I watched short YouTube clips The panel also includes Dolby Vision HDR, for more inked blacks that match the Black Edition theme

The only downside to the display is its relatively low maximum brightness level of 300 nits I kept the brightness at maximum all my time testing the Black Edition in broad daylight

Above the screen, there is a webcam which provides adequate quality for informal videoconferencing in well-lit rooms It also has IR sensors for facial recognition This allows you to log into your Windows account without entering your password As an added bonus, infrared sensors flanking the camera lens leave enough room for a sliding privacy door, which provides additional peace of mind for people who are constantly videoconferencing throughout their working day from home

You can also sign in to your Windows account using the power button, which has an integrated fingerprint reader The button is located at the top right of the keyboard, above the dedicated numeric keypad Spreadsheet jockeys will appreciate the dedicated numeric keypad, once a standard feature on laptops 15 inches But the reason why the numeric keypad disappears on such laptops is painfully apparent on the Black Edition, whose card feels cramped to accommodate the additional keys on the right. I would have preferred full size keys instead, although your preference may differ depending on how much you type and how often you need to enter numbers

I also find that the Inspiron's buttonless, clickable touchpad 15 7000 2-en-1 is uncomfortable I like its large size and its centered position under the space bar, but its click mechanism is too stiff Clicks are quite easy in the lower half of the pad, but impossible to achieve in the upper part without applying enough pressure to bend the keyboard

Audio quality from the Black Edition's stereo speakers is above average for a laptop I encountered dimensional dialogue and a reasonable amount of bass while testing the laptop Sound emanates from two grilles located underneath the machine, along the lower right and left edges This means the sound profile will be slightly different when using it as an easel, because in this mode, the grilles will not be directly in front of your desk and will not bounce the sound.

The bigger the laptop, generally the more room it has for input and output ports The Black Edition's offering is somewhat disappointing, however, It includes a microSD card slot, one full-size HDMI port and two USB Type-A connectors, which are often missing from ultraportable designs. But it only includes a single USB Type-C port, which might detract from your style if you have multiple devices that use this new standard or were hoping to charge the laptop via USB-C At least the USB-C port includes Thunderbolt support 4 for super-fast data transfers

There is a 3 headphone combo jack / microphone 5 mm on the left edge and a dedicated power port for the proprietary plug of the AC adapter Meanwhile, Black Edition wireless connection options include Wi-Fi 6 (80211ax) and bluetooth

Dell supports Inspiron 15 7000 2-in-1 Black Edition with a standard one-year hardware warranty Additional expansions and options, like accidental damage coverage, cost extra

In addition to the additional screen area, one of the main reasons for choosing a larger laptop is better performance With more room for fans, heat pipes and other thermal management techniques, manufacturers can fit more powerful silicon into their larger cases This isn't quite the approach Dell took with the Black Edition, However It includes a Core i7 intended for thin and light laptops, and not the more powerful H-series Core i7 which requires better active cooling and is typically found in machines from 15 inches (Learn more about how we test laptops) Graphics capabilities are also limited Although the Inspiron has the upgraded version «Max» Intel Iris Xe graphics silicon, performance is still well below what you might expect from an entry-level gaming GPU like the Nvidia GeForce GTX series To see how the Black Edition's specs stack up against its predecessor and some of its main competitors, see the table below. The Specter x360 15 and Yoga C940 both come with the powerful combination of an H-series Core i7 and GeForce GTX 1650

These more powerful components don't necessarily put the Inspiron at a disadvantage when it comes to handling basic day-to-day tasks like word processing Our PCMark review 10 shows that the latest Black Edition is much more competent at these tasks than its predecessor, and essentially equal with the HP and the Lenovo (PCMark 10 measures desktop-centric tasks such as word processing, the spreadsheet jockey, web browsing and video conferencing)

PCMark 8, on the other hand, offers a storage subtest that we use to assess the speed of the system's storage subsystem Again, the Black Edition shows no shortcomings here

But for more resource-intensive tasks such as rendering an image using all CPU cores and threads available in Maxon's Cinebench, Specter and Yoga are significantly better Cinebench emphasizes CPU rather than GPU to render a complex image The result is a proprietary score indicating a PC's suitability for CPU-intensive workloads

Cinebench is often a good predictor of our Handbrake video transcoding trial, another tough, threaded workout that is heavily CPU dependent and adapts well to cores and threads. The Black Edition is about five minutes slower than the Specter and Yoga on this test

While manipulating photos in Adobe Photoshop is also resource intensive, it does not tax components in the same way as video rendering As a result, the Black Edition holds its place with the Specter and Yoga on our test photo editing, which consists of applying a series of filters and effects to a JPG image

The Intel Iris Xe Max is not a gaming powerhouse, as our 3D graphics simulations show The new Black Edition is slightly better at rendering detailed 3D game graphics than its predecessor, but it is much worse than Yoga or Specter in Overlay and 3DMark tests

3DMark measures relative graphics power by rendering sequences of highly detailed game-style 3D graphics that highlight particles and lighting We run two different 3DMark subtests, Sky Diver et Fire Strike, which are suitable for different types of systems Both are DirectX references 11, but Sky Diver is more suitable for laptops and mid-range PCs, while Fire Strike is more demanding and made for high-end PCs to strut.

Like 3DMark, the overlay test renders and pans a detailed 3D scene and measures how the system is coping In this case, it is rendered in the Unigine engine, offering a different 3D workload scenario than 3DMark, and a second opinion on the graphic prowess of the machine

One of the strengths of the Inspiron Black Edition is battery life. It lasted for over 13 hours on our recap test, which consists of playing a 720p video stored locally with W-Fi and Bluetooth disabled and the screen brightness set to 50% This is comparable to the days of Yoga C940, and a great result for a machine with a power-hungry 4K display The Black Edition's efficient processor and relatively low peak brightness likely contributed significantly to this test

The main strengths of the Black Edition are simple It is a great digital canvas for artists or other creative types who like to interact with their laptops as they would with pen and paper The included 4K display and stylus are admirable tools for these types of tasks And the sleek black color scheme will help you stand out while you write or draw on the screen

However, there are also disappointing elements in the Inspiron 15 7000 2-in-1 Black Edition keyboard and touchpad could be redesigned, and the decision to forgo an Nvidia graphics chip and an Intel H-series processor means the Black Edition is underpowered compared to its competition Most people looking for a convertible laptop from 15 inches would be better served by the Specter x360 15

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Dell Inspiron 15 7000 2-en-1 Black Edition (7506)
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