Everspace 2 is now available on PC as an Early Access title through Steam and GOG This is a single player spaceship fast-paced shooter from ROCKFISH Games More and more titles are moving towards using Directx 12 as main API, which is understandable However, because of this, many Windows users 7 are left out in the cold and have to find other ways to play the game. If you want to play Everspace 2 on Windows 7, here is how you can do it

Everspace 2 was launched as an early access title and will remain in that state for at least 12 months During this period, developers will communicate with players and, thanks to their contribution, improve and balance the game. Players should expect around 25 hours of content in this state, and more will be added with Everspace content updates 2 is on Steam's best seller list and also has a very positive score

As we mentioned above, the reason why Windows 7 can't read Everspace 2 default is that it runs on Directx 12 This API is not supported by Windows 7, and because of that, the games just don't work However, even if the game works on Directx 12, you can still access Directx mode 11 This can be done on both Steam and GOG To do this, just follow the steps below This method also helps if you are experiencing constant GPU crashes

Relaunch the game This method also works if the game is installed on Windows 7 and you are unable to execute it

Windows support 7 not so common anymore and many developers want to use modern APIs to get the best visuals Now, this might discourage some users who are still using Windows 7, but from 2021, it might be better to switch to Windows 10 and use its features. For some users, Windows 7 is more than enough, but it might get a bit limited as more and more games come out

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News – FR – How to play Everspace 2 on Windows 7 (Steam / GOG)
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How to play Everspace 2 on Windows 7 (Steam / GOG)
Everspace 2 Preview of early access – The space game & # 39; n shoot you need in your life

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