Black Friday As Google announces the end of unlimited storage on Google Photos, many photographers are looking for an alternative among them, Swiss service pCloud stood out among reader reviews For Black Friday, pCloud offers an incredible reduction in 75% On his lifetime plans 500 Go et 2 To

pCloud is still little known in France, but it acts as a serious competitor to American offers like Google Drive, Dropbox, iCloud or the OneDrive service, which was launched in 2013, now has more than 10 million private and professional users and provides a simple and secure solution. For online storage and sharing

Since pCloud is headquartered in Switzerland, the company adheres to the strictest Swiss data protection laws, which is a good thing against the American giants The servers are also located in the European Union Another strong point: all tools are in French

Currently, pCloud offers two packages that offer lifetime access, after a payment It may seem out of reach when the classic subscription model is the most popular, but this allows pCloud to simplify its offer and especially the customer to save money – if he intends to use the service for more than two years, Check it out below

So, two packages of 500 Go et 2 TB are available and allow you to store a large amount of data online, whether files, photos or videos These maps also contain settings to manage file sharing, with enhanced security thanks to AES encryption 256 bits.

pCloud offers applications for Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS and Android as well as a web platform and browser extensions to automatically sync files to the cloud, just like the Dropbox mobile app also allows you to automatically copy your photos to pCloud, which is an interesting Google Photos alternative

So, it is possible to mount pCloud as a virtual disk on your computer so that you can access and manage your files without taking up all your hard disk space

For Black Friday, pCloud is offering a huge discount on lifetime cloud storage offering as well, pCloud 500 Go Lifetime is offered at 1225 € (instead of 480 €) and 2 To Lifetime pCloud offered at 245 € (instead of 980 €)

A little research allows us to qualify this offer a little: pCloud regularly offers a discount on its lifetime plans to 175 € for 500 Go et 350 € for 2 To so it's always an interesting offer

To compare, the Google Drive plan, iCloud ou Dropbox 2 To is 9 To99 euros per month After two years on these platforms, you will have paid 239 euros for the subscription, or the price of the offer “for life” from pCloud to think

Note that pCloud also offers monthly plans and a free trial with a maximum of 10 Go

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News – France – Black Friday: -75% on the pCloud online storage service


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