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Debris covering the ground after part of Mother Goose's house collapsed on 24 mars 2021 to Hazard, Kentucky, Kentucky, unite Kentucky to help restore the old monument to 80 years – an elliptical building with a domed roof with the neck and head of a goose sticking out from the front until last week, when high winds cut the goose's head but community support for Mother Goose's home was pouring in (Dakota MacRisse / WYMT via AP)

Danger, Kentucky –
Kentucky community mobilizes to help restore ancient monument to 80 years – an elliptical building with a domed roof with the neck and head of a goose sticking out from the front until last week, when a strong wind cut off the head of the goose.

The owners had published their Go Fund Me page on 20 mars, saying the head had moved from zero and was unstable. They were collecting money to rebuild it and then released an update on Wednesday, the head fell.

WYMT-TV reports that the building served as a home, gas station, market and inn over the years Today, community support is flowing to Hazard. Saturday afternoon, the Go Fund Me page has raised over 7 000 $, because the Kentucky Legacy Board in Frankfurt is committed to helping

“ Last week, while they were trying to fundraise – they said they had problems with the roof, structure and things like that – and so I started to think at that point about what we could do to help fundraise. he said at the station

He came with a T-shirt designed to look like an old newspaper clipping with the headline, “Beloved master, headless!” McKinney said they would share the profits on the t-shirt, which means approximately 6 at 8 $ by t-shirt that would go in the box to rebuild the goose on Friday. He said he had already received orders from people from 11 Different states.

“People from all over the world came here and took pictures”, said Nice. “It is one of the most photographed places in eastern Kentucky.”

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News – California – Steps in Kentucky to retrieve Headless Mother Goose
Associated title :
Kentucky City mobilizes to recover decapitated Mother Goose
Kentucky mobilizes to save beloved teacher Mother Goose from 80 years


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