About a month after the start of the new year on Earth, three spaceships will head to Mars. These explorers, which were launched in July of last year, will herald a full year of space exploration, launches and astronomical events

Here is a look at the highlights of 2021. Private companies and global space agencies should announce more. Times Space and the Astronomical Calendar will help you track these dates. You can subscribe here

United Arab Emirates, China and the United States launched robotic missions to Mars last summer, with the aim of shortening flights every two years when Earth is closest to the red planet. The three spacecraft will join a vibrant community of explorers in orbit or on the planet's surface.


The first to arrive will be Orbiter Emirati Hope, the first deep space explorer for the ambitious little space program for the Arab nation. The mission will study the Martian atmosphere and return valuable data to scientists on Earth. It must reach its destination on 9 February

China's Tianwen-1 mission is expected to reach Mars on 10 February, after orbiting the planet for a while. It will send a lander containing a rover to the surface in May. A good landing on the fourth planet of the solar system comes with many risks, and only NASA has done it more than once. Successful landing in this country would increase China's impressive spaceflight record, especially after the Chang'e-5 mission last year to the moon's surface. Then come back to Earth with a new cache of rocks My moon

Shortly after, the 18 February, NASA's Perseverance spacecraft will arrive and instantly dive to the surface of Mars. If the craft lands successfully, he will look for signs of extinction of life in a dry crater lake and at the bottom of the river but first he will deploy Ingenuity, this small helicopter of this plane has its own mission to make its first powered flight from the surface of another planet

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News – California – Missions to Mars, the Moon and beyond await the Earth in 2021

Source: https://news-24.fr/des-missions-sur-mars-la-lune-et-au-dela-attendent-la-terre-en-2021/

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