11 June 2021 22:42 GMT

If its existence is confirmed, this will pose a major problem for one of the basic principles of cosmology

British astronomers have discovered an arc of galaxies spanning 33 billion light years, or about 35% of the observable universe. If the structure turned out to be real, it would call into question one of the fundamental principles of cosmology: in large scale, matter in the universe is evenly distributed, no matter where you look, a new world

“It would upset cosmology as we know it”, said cosmologist Alexia López of the University of Central Lancashire (United Kingdom) at an American Astronomical Society virtual press conference. “Our standard model doesn't say much, he fails”

Lopez and his colleagues discovered the alleged structure, which they simply call the giant ark, by studying the light of around 40,000 quasars captured by the Sloan Digital Sky Survey

Quasars are the luminous nuclei of giant galaxies so far apart that they appear to be points of light as they move towards Earth, atoms in and around prominent galaxies absorb some of this light, leaving “signals” specific in the light that eventually reach the telescopes of astronomers

The “signature” of the giant arc is in the magnesium atoms which have lost an electron The light of the quasar absorbed by these atoms traces a roughly symmetrical curve for dozens of galaxies covering about a fifteenth of the radius of the visible universe, Lopez detailed

The team performed three statistical tests to calculate the probabilities of galaxies lining up in a giant arc by chance that the structure is real, with less than 0,003% statistical luck.

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news – California – astronomers have discovered an arc of galaxies 3 000 million light years

Source: https://www.smallcapnews.co.uk/astronomers-discover-an-arc-of-galaxies-3000-million-light-years-long/

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