A teenage couple from the United States discovered four new exoplanets and co-authored a peer-reviewed research article for The Astronomical Journal

Probably the youngest astronomer to ever make this discovery, Kartik Bingley, 16 years, et Jasmine Wright, 18 years, discovered new planets at 200 light years from Earth.

Students, both still in high school in Massachusetts, participated in the student research orientation program (SRMP) au Center for Astrophysics du & Research Institute at Harvard University

This means that they have been in contact with real world scientists at Harvard and MIT and given them the opportunity to work with them on a research project for a year.

“At the end of the program, students can say they have undertaken active and cutting-edge research in astrophysics”

However, it is extremely rare for students to have such a big impact as Bingley and Wright. Publishing research in school is a huge achievement

Souza Silva said: “Although this is one of the goals of SRMP, it is unusual for high school students to be co-authors of journal articles”

Students studied and analyzed data from the NASA Transiting Exoplanet Survey satellite (TESS). TESS is a space satellite that orbits the Earth and explores nearby bright stars with the ultimate goal of discovering new planets.

«We couldn't wait to see the light changes over time», Bingley said. The idea is that if the planet crosses the star or passes in front of it, she will cover [periodically] the star and reduce its brightness. .

To the surprise of the team, they discovered not a planet but rather four planets orbiting TOI-1233 – a distant star

Three of the planets are “sub-Neptune”, gas planets smaller than Neptune but similar to them take between 6 and 195 days for each of them to revolve around TOI-1233

The fourth planet is called “super earth” due to its large size and rocks; It orbits the star in less than four days

Waiting, the future looks bright for students. Pinglé plans to study applied mathematics or astrophysics after graduation while Wright is accepted into the University of Edinburgh's five-year master's program in astrophysics.

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News – California – Teenagers find 4 extrasolar planets and are writing a peer-reviewed scientific paper
Associated title :
High school students consider & # 39; The youngest astronomer of all time & # 39; Discover four exoplanets at 200 light years using
High school students discover four exoplanets around 200 light years from Earth
new exoplanets? NASA& # 39; TESS helps two high school students discover them!
By balancing homework and AP lessons, these high school students discovered four planets Outer | At the Smithsonian Institution
– <a href = "/? S = Balancing of homework and AP lessons, ces élèves du secondaire ont découvert quatre cours d'équilibrage des devoirs et des AP de quatre exoplanètes, of high school students discovered four exoplanets

Source: https://metro.co.uk/2021/02/01/teenagers-discover-4-exoplanets-and-write-peer-reviewed-paper-on-them-13998908/

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