note This is a game I accidentally discovered while promoting on Nintendo Switch ^^! Know full well that Bloober Team (Yes, the same people who will introduce us to The Medium on Xbox Series X | S et PC) offered to test the game on their new Xbox Series S, and this is the opportunity to rediscover the title differently 🙂!

From a fan of 1984? Welcome to Krakow in 2084 Governments have fallen and it's messy Cyberpunk 2077 provided ideas to all humans, who decided to perfect themselves by implanting different implants Dark Mood It depicts a dehumanized future – terrifying and oppressive technology at the service (in the service?) Humans And neon lights and holograms won't make the atmosphere less gloomy, far from there!

The Observer is an exciting narrative game where you are an observer, able to connect to the thoughts of victims in an attempt to solve their murders. It's a bit like stepping into the Matrix, with lots of design effects happening ^^! Dreams, as I like to call them, are completely disorganized, whether in time or in space, it's up to you to experience them and relive them, as terrifying as they are, to give them meaning!

We will therefore conduct our investigation in a hotel, where most passengers will talk to you through intercoms due to a low budget Your goal? Find out from your son who called you, after several years without contact, requiring you to go urgently to the scene of the accident For your investigation, you can scan each part for clues, allowing you to advance The game and solve several small puzzles that we offer Note that the game is fully translated into French, which allows to understand 🙂!

The storyline is truly impressive and the personality of each inhabitant of the building is truly unique. – apparently, it is normal to go crazy in the future! ^^! PLEASE NOTE: We only speak to heroes by intercom – small budget – but their dialogue writing is technically excellent, this version is so beautiful, thanks to the soft effects of light and smoke that I even surprised myself to find very nice reflections in the first room, more, Unfortunately, Ray Tracing does not track in this version of the Xbox Series S (not more than X, obviously) This reinforced the futuristic aspect of the title, in the form of the PS5 version of it ^^!

Note that the game has a decent lifespan for a combo game (laissez 8 hours of play to complete, almost 4 great evenings), all in a perfect setting that keeps you waiting until Cyberpunk is released 2077, who will arrive on 10 December ^^!

The Observer is a bit short (8 hours of play), but it also sells at a low price (less of 30 euros), and it's a true interactive story set in an improper future like In these times of pandemic, containment and restrictions, the Observer reveals to us a world that is now strangely familiar to us. What makes it even more fulfilling! It's odd that you do this at least once in your theatrical life!

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Gamer Since 1984, i'm a big fan of video games. I especially love Japanese games and am the proud founder of Otakugame, Father!

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News – THAT – Test: Observer System Redux sur Xbox Serie S
Associated title :
Test: Observer System Redux sur Xbox Serie S
Test – Observer: Resurrecting the System – Polar Psychology cyberpunk
Observer review: System Redux


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