Movers In Paradise arrive à Moving Out le 25 February, même si nous ne savons pas si ce sera gratuit

Déménager n’est pas quelque chose que beaucoup d’entre nous font ces jours-ci, grâce à cette épidémie en cours dont nous avons tant entendu parler. C’est peut-être pourquoi Moving Out est le bon type de jeu coopératif sur canapé au bon moment. Quelqu’un à votre camion

C’est un succès sur le Switch, avec des versions disponibles sur Xbox One et PS4 également, et juste en janvier dernier, une mise à jour gratuite a ajouté un modedéplacer enoù vous jouez au jeu en sens inverse, carrying things from your truck to someone's house What

Now that Moving Out is getting more premium extra content, Movers in Paradise will add 14 new story levels, 4 new characters and 10 new arcade levels where your team of transport experts will take items from a ship and place them on a private tropical island

In the trailer, it looks like the four new characters include the crab man, the toucan man, the coral guy and a guy with a coconut on his head or maybe the coconut pushing his arms and legs one way or another – it's hard to say.

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Get a specific Animal Crossing frame: New Horizons with Movers in Paradise, and maybe by design, New Horizons has been an incredible success for Nintendo, becoming the second best-selling Switch game of all time in less than a year

And since no one can really go on a tropical vacation (unless you are incredibly rich and well connected), Movers in Paradise is basically your best thing

There doesn't seem to be a lot of “ at home ” where to move things, so it looks like most Movers in Paradise will also allow a cruise vacation to the more remote beaches, I love to refer to Boaty McBoatface

It is not clear at this time whether Movers in Paradise is free or paid add-on content.. In all cases, it will be deployed on PS4, Xbox One, Switch et PC via Steam le 25 February

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News – THAT – Movers In Paradise, The beach-themed DLC from Moving Out, arrive on 25 February


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