Almost three months after the release of the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, Microsoft still struggles to meet demand for new consoles, with stockouts that should last at least until April 2021

More, during a recent appearance on Xbox Live, Director of Video Programming Larry Herb (alias Major Nelson) (via VGC), xbox president, Phil Spencer, assured fans that the company «worked as hard as possible» to increase Xbox Series X stock availability. CEO revealed he reached out to AMD to ask if processor maker could increase production to meet demand.

«I receive people [asking]: ‘Why haven't you built more? Why didn't you start early? Why didn't you preload them? “All these things”, Spencer told Hyrb, “It's all about physics and engineering. We don't hold them back: we build them as fast as possible. We all have assembly lines running. I was on the phone last week with Lisa Sue at AMD [wondering],” How can we get more? ” So this is something that we are constantly working on. “

AMD manufactures GPUs and processors for Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, with an AMD Zen processor 2 at 8 specially designed cores for the console and an RDNA class GPU 2 by increasing the production of these chips by AMD, more controllers can (in theory) be made by Microsoft

But it’s not Xbox consoles that only use AMD chips. The PS5 also uses an AMD Radeon RDNA GPU 2 and an AMD Zen processor 2 at 8 hearts, and it has also suffered from a shortage since its launch

«We are not alone: games really get in 2020», Spencer told Hyrb. «It is clear that the PlayStation supplies 5 are very limited when looking at graphics cards from AMD and Nvidia. There is a lot of interest in games right now and console sales are just a sign of this, game sales are a sign of this and hardware in short supply

“But we work as hard as we can. The teams are incredibly dedicated and I appreciate the patience of the people as we work to build more”

Although Microsoft seems determined to build more controllers, it is inevitably limited by the components needed to build them

Currently, we are seeing shortages of AMD and Nvidia graphics cards, which could last until February 2021

According to the French publication Cowcotland, AMD and Nvidia have both been subject to GDDR6 supply restrictions and are expected to continue to face shortages until early next year.. This GDDR6 RAM is used in both PS5 and Xbox Series X consoles – and this can affect the production of units. New control

Component shipments could also be further disrupted due to the global effort to distribute the Covid-19 vaccine

But it's not just a lack of components that can affect console inventory shortages: we have also seen brokers buy controllers as soon as they are in stock before selling them for exorbitant prices online

Microsoft has previously said it is unlikely to fix Xbox stock issues until at least April of this year.. Speaking at the Jefferies Interactive Entertainment virtual conference in mid-November 2020, Xbox CFO, Tim Stewart, said supply shortages will continue. “As we approach the next term of vacation, Microsoft Q3, Calendar Q1” This indicates that we will not see an increase in inventory for consoles until we reach 2021 – April at the earliest, but most likely even later in the year

“We will prepare supplies for the four, next five or six months”, added Stewart. “This is when I really expect to see a demand profile start showing up.”

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News – THAT – Microsoft has asked AMD for help in tackling Xbox Series X inventory shortages


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